Bonding With A Blue Angel

In a dream our angel introduced me to my sixteen year old daughter I did not know I had.

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Prescos 1949 Greg, Mark & Christine in sandbox - CopyPrescos 1949 Greg, Mark & Christine in Sandbox 2 - CopyPrescos 1956 Greg, Christine, Vicki & Mark

Bonding With A Blue Angel


Jon Gregory Presco

Copyright 1993

I and my three siblings have been cursed, and blessed. Within a hundred yards of our front door on San Sebastian Avenue, lived three Hags, old Crones of renown – and ill repute! Up the street, on Hollywood, lived Ms. Smith and Kay Coakley. To get to Mrs. Smith’s front door, one traversed a veritable Fairyland. Her yard was over-grown. At one time it was a showcase. But now the rose bushes meandered into the fruit trees. Everywhere was a bouquet of runaway flowers, that were once maintained and well-behaved. Now, they go and grow wherever they want to, they seemingly suspended in midair, clinging to vines to get the best sunlight. In the center of this maze was a bronze sundial on a marble pillar. We stopped here before we knocked on the big oaken door.

My sister…

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