Nazarite Lamp of Helena

Queen Helena was a Nazarite and her son fought the Roman Slave Holders as God’s Aboltionists. The evangeical who voted for the Trumpire of the Anti-Christ will not step one foot in the new temple – or heaven. They will be cast into the fires of hell!

Rosamond Press


“What interests me in these sarcophagi is their decorations. They all display rosettes, resembling flowers. These motifs are well known from the Temple Mount Excavations, where many such fragments were found.”

The golden lamp that Queen Helena gifted to the temple is being constructed in hope that it will hang at the entrance of the new Temple in Jerusalem. I believe this lamp represents the Shekinah that I have installed on Santa Rosa Island for safe keeping. No one will enter the new temple unless they are cleansed in water by me, or, the one that comes after me.


‘The Nazarite’


“Simon held the upper city, and the great walls as far as Cedron, and as much of the old wall as bent from Siloam to the east, and which went down to the palace of Monobazus, who was king of the Adiabeni, beyond Euphrates; he also held the fountain, and…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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