The Rose of Revelations

In 1967, I was told by three Seers that I had died on these beautiful rocks by the sea. Hence, I wondered if the world would die, when, and if, I die again. Why would I wonder that? I am debating whether or not to ask the Director-Producer of ‘The Last Beat’ if he borrowed, or, lifted images off this blog. Perhaps he saw Michael Barry’s ‘The Second Coming if Suzanne’. Whatever, the planets and stars are lining up for me. And, perhaps I am supposed to save – all of you! Or, just say goodbye as my angel takes me up in a Chariot of Fire – again? But, there is another possibility…………I am the Angel of Death!


I was twenty and virgin when I died. Chris Wandel came to my bed, naked, and seduced me. I was headed to my cave in India. An old man in a loin clothe was appearing to me in the house at 13th. He was teaching me to meditate. Why this happened, is so very key.

After Chris and I had intercourse, we were banished from the house. Brian Purvis drove us to the top of Mount Tamalpais where we camped for a week. Hence, I have taken all my lovers there. Why?

You evangelicals elect this one, and then that one, in order to bring big government – and the world – to an end. But, these worldly men have done nothing for you, but dig your secular grave. You see, you are cowards, one an all. You read the scriptures. You know what you must do. You must crucify me, murder me, to save the world. So, draw your straws, and be quick about it. We have very little time – LEFT!

C’mon! You have taken everything else from me, my art, my daughter, my grandson, my natal family, my lovers, my nation, our supreme court  – and the list goes on! Hold another rigged election – with Putin’s help! Hire a……………..Henchman!

And don’t you dare think of calling me the Anti-Christ, because you put him in the White House! Oh yes you did, you did, you did!

John the Nazarite

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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