What Does Ken Kesey Want?

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Mayor Jim Torrey pulled out “Little Tricker the Squirrel Meets Big Double the Bear” and treated those gathered to an excerpt from Kesey’s book for children, giving voice to a tale set on a fine autumn morning when “nothing was amove except one finger of sun.”

I have not read any suggestions by author or poets, as to what Ken Kesey would want in regards to the battle for the plaza named after him. Let this Oregon Historian writer make a real suggestion. Ken’s archive is being assembled at the University of Oregon. I think it is going to stay there. I suggest a Museim for Writers be built on the campus, and the Kesey statue be moved into to it. Wiccans and Travelers are not interested in Kesey’s writing. Students will have a great interest.

Because Ken wrote a Ozarks Tale as told to him by his grandmother, I am…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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