Trump Is Dangerous To Britain


Melanie modeling completely naked in a photoshoot.. It’s amazing how this is actually on the internet still. Let’s see if Donald can ever get this one banned.

Melania has an attaché case handcuffed to her wrist, which suggests she has just serviced a James Bond type, and, is a Military Courier. Black ministers draped a Rabbi Shawl on Trump, suggesting he is some kind of Savior. These are costumes, fake identities.

Rena’s late husband headed the

revolting, repulsive, repellent, repugnant, disgusting, offensive, objectionable, vile, foul, abhorrent, loathsome, nauseating, sickening, hateful, detestable, execrable, abominable, monstrous, appalling, reprehensible, deplorable, insufferable, intolerable, despicable, contemptible, unspeakable, atrocious, awful, terrible, dreadful, frightful, obnoxious, unsavory, unpalatable, unpleasant, disagreeable, nasty, noisome, distasteful; More

Rena declared to Deputy Sherriff Dan Mayland that I am a dangerous person. Here is Tomas Ensley who attended school with Rena, and kissed her in a car. I just discovered he is a registered sex offender who has been reading this blog. Did he try to contact Rena? Did he tell her he knew me? Is this why she freaked out? Tomas lives on Nebraska Ave.

Tomas Dale Ensley

Tomas Dale Ensley – Registered Sex Offender

From: Tomas Ensley <mr.
Subject: Re: Rena
To: “John Ambrose” <>
Date: Saturday, January 9, 2010, 7:11 AM

Yes, I am here.  I’ve been hesitant to contact you.  It occurred to me that Rena may not actually want to be found at this point, in spite of the many who were fond of her.  It’s her life, after all.  She was widowed according to her note to the class of ’70 20th reunion committee.  It stated that her husband (an admiral I believe) had passed away.  She was living on the Isle of Wight at the time.  She had two young children and was working as a dance teacher and choreographer.  We’re still looking for more recent info.

Did the two of you have a relationship?


GCHQ said the claim was “nonsense” and should be ignored. The agency rarely comments on specific operations, and almost never in such blunt terms. Asked if the conversations between the US and British officials were heated, the British government official pointed to the rarity of a GCHQ public statement on the matter, saying, “you can draw your conclusions from there.” Then, at a regular press briefing, Downing Street said it had sought and received reassurances that the allegations would not be repeated.

Tim Farron, leader of the UK Liberal Democrat party — the junior coalition partner in the last British government — described the White House claim as “shameful” and said it risked harming US and UK security.

“Trump is compromising the vital UK-US security relationship to try to cover his own embarrassment,” he tweeted.

The Senate Intelligence Committee had said on Thursday it had found no evidence Trump Tower had been under surveillance in 2016, contrary to Trump’s previous claims.

“Based on the information available to us, we see no indications that Trump Tower was the subject of surveillance by any element of the United States government either before or after Election Day 2016,” committee chair Richard Burr said.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) protects the security, independence and interests of our country at home and abroad.

We work with our allies and partners whenever possible. Our aim is to ensure that the armed forces have the training, equipment and support necessary for their work.

The MOD works with the United States on joint overseas operations and contingency planning, bilateral defence co-operation, interoperability and engages on defence trade.

Our team in the United States assists this work and communicates the broader transatlantic defence relationship, elevates the UK’s interests and reputation and provides high-quality advice and reporting to the UK on all aspects of defence business.


The MOD is responsible for: defending the UK and its overseas territories, providing strategic intelligence, providing nuclear deterrence, supporting civil emergency organisations in times of crisis, defending our interests by projecting power strategically and through expeditionary interventions, providing a defence contribution to UK influence and providing security for stabilisation.

The British Defence Staff in the United States comprises some 750 military and civilian MOD personnel based in over 30 states across the US. Their mission is to protect and advance the UK and its interests by reinforcing the transatlantic defence and security relationship.


Preserving global peace & security — The UK and the US co-operate to address the world’s most pressing security challenges.

Supporting trade and investment — Driving forward industry, the UK works with the US on facilitating defence trade and investment.

Co-operating in science, innovation, energy and higher education — The UK and the US collaborate in science and innovation; including advanced defence technologies.

Departments at post

Our people

Irene (Rena) Victoria Easton







Yesterday I came across an old e-mail from a high school friend of Rena Christensen. He admonished me for making this Midwest Beauty out to be a goddess. I had compared her beauty to the face that launched a thousand ships.

This bid me to launch another search for my Muse. What had become of her. Who did she marry? What is her surname? Where are her two children? We know she married an Admiral and lived on the Isle of Wight with her two children. Last night I found and obituary for Rena’s beautiful twenty year old daughter. I wept, like I did when I learned Rena lost her husband. I found her husband.

Rena was afraid to even look at the ocean when we met in 1970. She told me she was afraid of it. Two hours later she does something so dramatic and beautiful in order to get over her fear. Admiral Sir Ian Easton captained Aircraft Carriers. He flew planes in WW2. Ian was Former Head of the British Defense Staff that just met in Washington to discuss cuts in military budgets. He put boats in battle for the Cup. He was seventy one when he died. Rena is sixty one today. I was twenty three when we met, and she was seventeen.

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