Papa Parasite and Tyler Hunt

What millions of Americans are now facing in regards to drastic cuts and repeal of Obamacare, I have been dealing with for six years, ever sinse Bill Cornwell and his military father came into my families life, and turned them against me. The Cornwells are Tea Party Crazies who follow my brother’s bigotry. This was posted in 2012. It took our nation five years to get in goosestep with the family disease. I have agonized over a way to salvage my relationship with my daughter and grandson. I give up. I am no longer alone with this. My plight is now national news. We are a primary example of what went wrong with America. We are a historic family. My study has shown we are a Artistic Dynasty. crisis.

Rosamond Press

Before the covert agenda of Mitt the Nit surfaced in the video taken by a cellphone, there existed the video I took with my cell phone when I went to see the Grand Canyon with my daughter, Heather Hanson, my grandson, Tyler Hunt, and Heather’s lover of three months, Bill Cornwell. This video was shot in June of last year. I just paid $25 dollars of what’s left of the Rice Trust to get this historic document downloaded to Youtube. This may be the last time we see each other. Tyler and I are victims of the Cultural Warfare being secretly conducted against what Mitt titles the victim-parasites of America. I am one of the 47% percent. I receive Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, and housing assistance.

My seven year old grandson has no job, no money, and no power. He relies on his mother to get his needs met…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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