Montana Christniks Passionately Hate Some Voters

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I saw the Christiks in action in Lowell Oregon. They like to work rural areas and small towns that are full of lonely people who tend to isolate, and, hate big cities because they fear minorities. If you are a Democrat, they insist you register as a Republican. Drawing lines in the sand using their King Jesus, is an art form for these fake ministers. Labeling all Democrats ‘Fetus Killers’ is the new Protestant Crucifix.

Remember my High Noon take on Bozeman? Well, grizzly Christnik men who like Putin want to carry guns on their hip – without a permit. Killers for King Jesus! The Trump Gang has gotten rid of the State Department that tended to the bond the U.S. had with the European Union that Christniks label the One World Secular Order of the Anti-Christ. Putin is a Christnik. How about Rena Easton who knows Cultural Warfare when she sees it, with the help of her Russian King Jesus Gang!

Jon Presco

That’s right, Donald Trump and his alt-right fanbase are hardly the only Americans who deeply admire Vladimir Putin: He has a fairly large fan club among politically active U.S. Christian conservatives.

It includes some pretty big names, like conservative Evangelical leader Franklin Graham, National Organization for Marriage leader Brian Brown, and American Family Association spokesperson Bryan Fischer. In almost every case it has been his distinctive combination of homophobia and Islamophobia that has made Putin one of the Christian right’s favorite international figures. The cultural conservative preference for authoritarian Christian Slavs who are fighting Muslims has, as Beinart notes, carried over from the Serbs to their traditional sponsors in Moscow, and most especially to the former KGB officer who has revived Russia’s pre-communist tradition of militantly traditionalist Christianity.

Putin’s attacks on “gay propaganda” have been particularly heartwarming to Christian-right folk, probably because of echoes they hear of their own longtime warnings about a sinister “homosexual agenda” pervading U.S. politics and culture. Here’s Franklin Graham gushing about this during a trip to Russia:

I very much appreciate that President Putin is protecting Russian young people against homosexual propaganda. If only to give them the opportunity to grow up and make a decision for themselves. Again, homosexuals cannot have children, they can take other people’s children. I believe that President Obama (and I’ll repeat, he’s a very nice person) is leading America down the wrong road. He’s taking a stand against God.

“To repeat: I do not support child abuse,” Yiannopoulos said at a news conference. “I am sorry to other abuse victims who may have interpreted my statements as flippant.”

Spencer, who purchased his own tickets to CPAC, was ejected after a CPAC staffer spotted him and revoked his credentials. Defiant, Spencer flashed his empty lanyard to reporters as he left the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center just outside D.C., where the conservative confab is taking place over the next few days.

The Rachel Maddow Show for Wednesday, February 22, 2017 began with the host discussing Montana Libertarian politician Mike Fellows, a candidate for the state’s lone congressional seat in the 2016 election, who unexpectedly died on September 19, in the run-up to the November vote. As a result, ballots, which had already been printed, included Fellows’ name, and had to be destroyed and reprinted, causing the cost of the election in the state to run 50 percent more than any previous.

Maddow continued with Montana, explaining that Republican representative, Mike Zinke, has been nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as Secretary of the Interior. The host described the congressman’s current status as “on ice,” because of “concern” surrounding bogus travel records he submitted during his time in the U.S. Navy. The New York Times reports that Zinke served as a Navy SEAL. Despite this, Maddow stated that Zinke is “broadly expected” be confirmed as the interior secretary.

If Ryan Zinke is indeed confirmed, Montana will need to elect a new member of the House of Representatives in a special election sometime in the spring. With regard to winners in a potential Montana special election, Maddow noted that “at first glance, Montana is a very red state,” where Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton 57-36 and that conservatives have taken in each presidential election since 1992.

Despite the state leaning right in presidential races, the U.S. senator from Montana, Jon Tester, is a Democrat and the governor is Democrat Steve Bullock. The MSNBC host said that the state’s electorate appears to have had “jumper cables” applied to it since the election of Trump, with several of his administration’s initiatives being “scrapped” due to “blow back” from Montana voters. More than 10,000 participants took part in the women’s march following the inauguration of President Trump, at the Montana State Capitol, a number which Maddow said took her “aback.”

ImageVladimir Putin’s hostility to Muslims and LGBTQ folk has earned him some street cred from Trump’s conservative Christian supporters. Photo: Sasha Mordovets/Getty Images

There are all sorts of theories about Donald Trump’s affinity for Vladimir Putin’s Russia, ranging from shadowy business dealings with Putin or pro-Putin entities, to Russia’s alleged material aid in promoting Trump’s presidential candidacy, to the personal affinity between two men who yearn for recognition as world-historical figures

The show then played a clip of the other U.S. senator from Montana, Republican Steve Daines, arriving at an airport greeted by a group of protesters chanting “you work for us.” The host noted a big change in Daines’ airport greetings from months previous, and that he has been encouraged, and refused, to hold town hall meetings to discuss issues with his constituency. The senator postponed an appearance at the Montana State Legislature after learning that a crowd of protesters had gathered to meet him. One protester, who wears a chicken suit, is reported to appear where the senator appears, mocking the conservative by flapping his arms.

The Inquisitr has previously featured the Connecticut special election congressional race, and the reaction to the presidency of Donald Trump that has resulted in increased focus on individual state elections, which, otherwise, may have been viewed as inconsequential. Stated congressional elections in Connecticut and Delaware could swing the balance of power to the Democratic Party on what Maddow describes as a “huge amount of Democratic interest, nationwide.”

The host turned back to Montana, noting that elections administrators and clerks throughout the state have been “squawking” about the cost to hold a special election, following shortly after a general election that ran way over budget.

“Where is the money going to come from to do that?” Rachel Maddow asked.

The show then featured an op-ed by in the Fairfield Sun Times, by Paula Jaconetty, the Tenton County, Montana clerk and recorder, suggesting that the special election be conducted with mail-in ballots to save money. Rachel Maddow noted that, with its sparse population and sprawling geography, Montana election officials are well-versed in organizing mail-in ballots. Jaconetty claims that holding a mail-in ballot election could save $500,000 to $750,000. As a result, the host stated that the idea had “bipartisan support,” until an “Emergency Chairman’s Report” was published by the chair of the Montana Republican Party, Jeff Essmann.

In the report, the chairman cited a disadvantage for conservatives if mail-in ballots are used exclusively in the potential special election. The report is seen driving a wedge between the bipartisan support the mail-in ballot bill, which had been sponsored by Republicans, had attracted.

“Vote-by-mail is designed to increase participation rates of lower propensity voters,” the reports states.

“If it’s too easy to vote,” Maddow whispered with a sly grin. “The Democrats might win.”

The second segment of the show included an interview with Governor Bullock. Maddow, who is 43-years-old and a graduate of the University of Oxford, asked the governor about the mail-in ballot bill.

The governor replied that he found it “shocking” that Montana’s senate majority leader would “brazenly acknowledge” that he wants to spend more taxpayer money to engage a smaller portion of state’s electorate. Maddow offered her perception that the plan had no political motive and was simply a case of election officials saying “hey, we’re out of money.”

Bullock stated that the plan was “good for democracy, good for our elections, and it will save taxpayers’ dollars.”

Citing the massive turnouts at protests in Montana, Maddow asked the governor about the current “temperature” of voters, how they are reacting to Donald Trump, and the seeming mishmash of results for liberals and conservatives.

Governor Bullock stated a belief that voters in the state, which has a population of just over one million, ask “where are the values” of candidates, and who will do the best job of forwarding the state’s agenda in D.C.

The governor cited public lands, public schools, and the right to vote, as “great equalizers,” and expressed his view that more taxpayer money would be better served in other uses than encouraging fewer people to participate in elections.

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