Another Image of Rena


I just found a photograph of Rena in her 1968 yearbook. I now know who she is – and why she is. I know what she has done, and why she did it. I now know why I loved her, and will always love her. When I looked down into the Pacific Ocean from the Venice Pier, I asked where she was. I may have used the term “soulmate” or “muse”, but what I meant, was, wife. Where is my wife?

Here is a photograph of me with my family in 1971. I am showing Christine a photograph of the painting I did of Rena. My mother is in the kitchen, and Shannon is at the table. I told my family that I want to become famous, and make money from my art, because I want to marry Rena. I was homeless when we met. My landlord asked me to give up my apartment so his best friend and his wife could live there. They just had a baby and had oved from Florida. I did not know if Rena had acceptance for all this, and why. I know now. I can read her photo like a book. This is the smartest student in school. She told me she got A+ grades across the board. She was skipped a grade,and given a scholarship. She does not fit in. She is plotting her escape. She is not reinventing herself.


What Rena is doing, is…………Creating herself! It is now a matter of her not liking who she is, but, she had to abandon who she had become in relationship to everyone around her. In months she is going to look down on her peers in every way. I suspect she met a handsome older man while swimming on the Platte River. He turned her into a great lover. He was married. Rena has never admitted to herself, he broke her heart.

When school began for this Senior…….enter The Beautiful Creation!


I posted on Rena rarely smiling. What gives her away……is the half-smile she gives. She could care less. She gets rid of that fake smile. Why bother? This is an Aries. She is fire. I have the end of our autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’.

Here is the fake site for ‘Rosamond’. The owners are fake, their biographies are fake, and their claims are fake. Rena is the Archetype. Is she fake? Or, is she ‘The Masterpiece’?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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