Buy Me This House – Now!

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There’s going to be a lot of trains going by blowing their whistles. Will it be too much? Here’s the garage with washer and dryer, with plenty of storage for my fishing tackle. I will be walking down to the bay with a lantern to catch bass. Comuters will wonder who the old man is wearing a Soviet flag. I will wave as they pass. There will be a write-up in the paper. I will be the Crockett Historian. I will do Bar-B-Q & Bull in my backyard. I’ll be catching sturgeon with my bros.

Looks like the original owner put in tiers to grow vegetables and flowers. I will found a Bohemian Community Garden. We will cook our vegetables under veranda along with our fish. We will celebrate Oktoberfest. My home will be a Bohemian Hotspot based upon ‘The Hights’ Joaquin Miller made. I’ll clean my stripers in that sink, and hang up my latern.

That’s me on the front porch of Pinehaven. Below that is Willis Court, where Rena stayed for three days. I asked her to put on make-up for me and the Harkins Boys. She told us we’ll be sorry. We were, because we now wanted to own her, our Bohemian Beauty!

Jon Presco


Sparkytown vs. One World








bling666Before there was Jingletwon, there was Sparkytown. I invented Sparkytown in answer to the secret design of One World that Bruce Perlowin showed me and Micheal Harkins down in his mother’s basement in 1992. Bruce paid $300 dollars a month for what is called a “basement apartment” . It is no such thing. To all the hipsters and tripsters who visited the Harkins Asylum, this was the Padded Cell for Jeffery Harkins, the maddest, and most talented artist of three Harkins Brothers. Consider the Crumm Brothers. How about ‘The Asylum Brotherhood’ a brotherhood that will be compared to the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood thanks to my family history, and my beloved Muse who stayed overnight in the same house as the Asylum Brotherhood. Indeed, Rena had a prolonged conversation with Jeffery in the kitchen. This happened just after Rena put on her make-up! It was a one woman showing. Jeffery was ecstatic! He might have been the only human being who saw the real Rena, which might be the reason he was in and out of the nut house after that, he to rendered a prisoner of love.

I will be contacting Jeffery to see if he wants to show his work at a prestigious L.A. gallery. Now that his oldest brother is on the brink of immortality (now that he is dead.) The worth of Jeffery’s painting are going thru the roof. I will get more into Jeffery in my next post.

One evening Bruce invited us down the Cell where before a large blackboard he revealed his plan for One World. He told us he had worked with fellow prisoners in the Fed lock-up, and once they are paroled, they will get top management positions. What Bruce and his Russian wife, Svetlana, wanted to do was smuggle used computers into Russia via submarines. Bruce now did a crude drawing of a submarine base. From this base the computers would travel by what looked like a ski lift over a mountain range into the Soviet Union. At this time, Michael got up, picked up a piece of chalk, and rendered a mountain goat.

“Ha! Ha! Very funny! Always the Jokester!” said Bruce.
“At least the education your Pops bought you has been put to some use!” I said.

From the profits made from Black Market computers, Bruce would build many One World universities located all over the world. There would be guards at the gate collecting blood and sperm samples to make sure you own the Right Stuff. Of course there is a I.Q. test. But, what made me cringe was the building of tunnels under the university for service workers so they do not come in contact with the egghead students, and distract and taint them. How about have sex with them?

I shot Michael a look, and he gave me the sign to chill out till we heard it all.

What got to me, was, here is a dude that just got out of prison, where one is sedegrated from the real world, and it is now apparent that Bruce never felt he was a part of Prison World, and as he co-mingle with them, he was secretly looking down his nose at them – way down! And now, he wants to replicate his world view in a Free Society, basically rendering common workers to a underground (basement) existence, where they may never see the light of day! Of course they are free to go looking for other employment. But, Bruce and his Russian Spy wife had big, big plans. They wanted to unite and build a One World Order.

Consider the Nashi Love Camps, where couples are put in tents on barges and bid to fornicate while the barges float down river. Are there black market computers stowed away in these barges?

It became clear to me, Bruce and his Soviet wife, wanted One World approved couples to copulate and produce Super Children whose DNA would be drawn to Mother Russia. Wanda and her kind have had their day! It was then that I did an illustration of Sparkytown that sat just outside the entrance to One World University, as a reminder there is an alternative Bohemian lifestyle, a Gypsey Camp if you will.

Sparkytown is a couple of old fishing shacks with coffee shop and outdoor sitting. I drew an image of Sparky and Spanky (Michael and Jon) sitting under a umbrella watching these automatons lined up to get into OWU. I have to find this prophetic work of art, and scan it, because it predicts the coming of Jingletwon, and the Nashi Sex Camps in Russia.

There is areal possibility Svetlana is the illegitimate daughter of Putin, his ‘Love Child’ There is a resemblance.

What alarmed Michael and I, is that we knew Bruce was incapable of owning an original idea. He was a notorious Borrower. Could it be that Wanda’s guest was importing Soviet ideas into the Asylum, her basement? This is when we conducted a test. We insisted Bruce take some time away from his telephone and the watch the movie ‘The Producers’. At the end of it, we asked;

“Did you see any resemblance to you and the chacters in this movie?”
“Huh! What are you talking about?”
“How about the closing scene and song ‘Prisoners of Love’.
“What – No! You guys are crazy. Excuse me, I hear my phone ringing.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

James Harkins – Late Newspaper Man





Here is an old article I wrote about my late fellow artist.

Jon Presco

My old friend, James Harkins, sold the underground newspaper ‘The Avatar’ in Boston, along with our roommate, Tate Billings, who was an artist. Tate and I would later live in a huge factory in Jamaica Planes that had over a hundred artist’s lofts. ‘The Modern Lovers played there at least once. I got to know this band via Jame’s friend, Robert, who was a good friend of the drummer for the Velvet Underground. James, Robert, and myself went to see ML at a small bar in Beverley. They were utterly unknown. When I heard ‘I’m straight’ I heard pure genius. I talked with Jonathan Richman after his show. I told him he was what the early SF bands used to be, a garage band that catered to a small group of hipsters. We had lost our innocence. Jonathan found it again. I told him he should contact Beserkely records, which he did.

James and I lived down the street from the Mel Lyman family on fort Hill. Mel married my kindred, Jessie Benton, who we met on several occasions via a wholesale food co-op held at eaxh other’s homes. Until recently, the Harkins family was like my second family. When I needed a place to crash the Harkins Bohemian Hangout was the place to go. All of us Beats got moved out to make way for one very straight chick who would not let me stay in Wanda’s Hipster Hostel and Halfway House for ex Drug Lords. There is a very private and closed scene going on there that is hush-hush! Being a communal Hippe, privacy was the last thing you sought. Being open and loving was what it was all about. McClure, Mel Lyman, and Morrison were flagrant self-promoters and did not want some dude they know to put them in their personal pile and forbid anyone to write about them. Mel founded the Avatar in order to promote his belief that he was God. As I behold God, He is the greatest self-promoter of all time, there over a zillion words written about Him – and none of them got Him right! Hey, but don’t let that stop you! Keep those pokes in the dark – coming! Eventually, somone is going to get it right!

When you add the Zorthian family, and Rosamond family to the Group Grope, what you have is a Hippie Renaissance.

Jon Presco

The Modern Lovers were an American rock band led by Jonathan Richman in the 1970s and 1980s. The original band existed from 1970 to 1974 but their recordings were not released until 1976 or later. It featured Richman and bassist Ernie Brooks with drummer David Robinson (later of The Cars) and keyboardist Jerry Harrison (later of Talking Heads). The sound of the band owed a great deal to the influence of The Velvet Underground, and is now sometimes classed as “protopunk”. It pointed the way towards much of the punk rock, new wave, alternative and indie rock music of later decades. Their only album, the eponymous The Modern Lovers, contained stylistically unprecedented[citation needed] songs about dating awkwardness, growing up in Massachusetts, and love of life and the USA.

Despite the original group’s premature break-up, many of its members found considerable success elsewhere: founding member John Felice formed the seminal Real Kids, Jerry Harrison later joined Talking Heads, David Robinson co-founded the Cars, and Ernie Brooks would later work with David Johansen, Arthur Russell, Elliott Murphy, and Gary Lucas.
Richman continued recording on his own, eventually moving to California in 1975 to begin working with Beserkley Records whose boss Matthew King Kaufman had met Richman when he worked with A&M. While Richman never returned to the Velvets-inspired sound of the original Modern Lovers, the demo recordings made with that group eventually surfaced in various formats. The first of these releases came in 1976 when Beserkley compiled a posthumous LP from the first two demo sessions produced by Cale and Mason; issued on Beserkley’s Home of the Hits subsidiary, the album was simply titled The Modern Lovers and included celebrated tracks such as “Roadrunner”, “She Cracked”, and “Pablo Picasso”.

The Boston Sound
Wayne McGuire
[unbridled praise for The Velvet Underground,
occasional Mel Lyman references.]
… But I digress. Put quite simply, the Velvet Underground is the most vital and significant group in the world today. They are at the fiery center of the twentieth century dilemma, as was Nietzsche. For Nietzsche foresaw that moment in the future when the spiritual citadels of the Judaeo-Christian West would crumble silently to dust. … Nietzsche himself fell in battle without compromise as did Van Gogh, Rimbaud, Artaud and maybe Joyce and Beckett. (In our own time those two oracles, Burroughs and Warhol, are still standing. And, of course, Mel.) Many turn to the East but those with integrity know the dilemma facing them to be dimensionally greater than that solution (it being no accident that Hesse wrote Steppenwolf after Siddhartha).
… Spiritually the Velvet Underground’s only equivalent is Mel Lyman. It is interesting to note the similar reactions both forces produce in people: uncomprehending indifference, vaguely comprehending hostility and comprehending submission. The first group doesn’t have the barest inkling of what’s happening since they’re dead to the world; the second group feel their small ego base threatened (like the character after the last V.U. performance who, his face distraught and angry, spit out: “They stink!” in much the same way Mel receives letters from pipsqueaks telling him how he’s screwed up); the third group understand that the V.U. and Mel are merely vessels through which greater forces are working and they listen attentively.
… There has been much nonsense spoken and written recently about the existence or nonexistence and nature of a Boston Sound. It should be quite clear by now that the Boston Sound is the Velvet Underground and Mel Lyman. It is irrelevant that the Velvet Underground first received significant exposure in their home city New York with Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable. It was in Boston, through record sales and Boston Tea Party performances, that they began to find some acceptance and meaningful response (like getting their equipment stolen). It is irrelevant that Mel Lyman’s present instrument is Avatar and film, not music. What is relevant is that these two voices best express the character and spirit of the forces at work in Boston, home of the first American Revolution. It is a character and spirit which in the near future will make Boston the center of the second American Revolution, a revolution of the spirit. It is a spirit which reveals its sturdy health and moral purity by rejecting, in the name of truth, false resolutions: the Christian cop-out, the Eastern cop-out, the African cop-out and the Humanist cop-out. The powerful energies which first emerged on the West Coast are finding their focus and direction here. Like Mel Lyman, the Velvet Underground have made their “Declaration of Creation” and translated it into sound:
I am going to burn down the world
I am going to tear down everything that cannot stand alone
I am going to turn ideals to shit
I am going to shove hope up your ass
I am going to reduce everything that stands to rubble
and then I am going to burn the rubble
and then I am going to scatter the ashes
and then maybe SOMEONE will be able to see SOMETHING as it really is

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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