Sparkytown vs. One World








bling666Before there was Jingletwon, there was Sparkytown. I invented Sparkytown in answer to the secret design of One World that Bruce Perlowin showed me and Micheal Harkins down in his mother’s basement in 1992. Bruce paid $300 dollars a month for what is called a “basement apartment” . It is no such thing. To all the hipsters and tripsters who visited the Harkins Asylum, this was the Padded Cell for Jeffery Harkins, the maddest, and most talented artist of three Harkins Brothers. Consider the Crumm Brothers. How about ‘The Asylum Brotherhood’ a brotherhood that will be compared to the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood thanks to my family history, and my beloved Muse who stayed overnight in the same house as the Asylum Brotherhood. Indeed, Rena had a prolonged conversation with Jeffery in the kitchen. This happened just after Rena put on her make-up! It was a one woman showing. Jeffery was ecstatic! He might have been the only human being who saw the real Rena, which might be the reason he was in and out of the nut house after that, he to rendered a prisoner of love.

I will be contacting Jeffery to see if he wants to show his work at a prestigious L.A. gallery. Now that his oldest brother is on the brink of immortality (now that he is dead.) The worth of Jeffery’s painting are going thru the roof. I will get more into Jeffery in my next post.

One evening Bruce invited us down the Cell where before a large blackboard he revealed his plan for One World. He told us he had worked with fellow prisoners in the Fed lock-up, and once they are paroled, they will get top management positions. What Bruce and his Russian wife, Svetlana, wanted to do was smuggle used computers into Russia via submarines. Bruce now did a crude drawing of a submarine base. From this base the computers would travel by what looked like a ski lift over a mountain range into the Soviet Union. At this time, Michael got up, picked up a piece of chalk, and rendered a mountain goat.

“Ha! Ha! Very funny! Always the Jokester!” said Bruce.
“At least the education your Pops bought you has been put to some use!” I said.

From the profits made from Black Market computers, Bruce would build many One World universities located all over the world. There would be guards at the gate collecting blood and sperm samples to make sure you own the Right Stuff. Of course there is a I.Q. test. But, what made me cringe was the building of tunnels under the university for service workers so they do not come in contact with the egghead students, and distract and taint them. How about have sex with them?

I shot Michael a look, and he gave me the sign to chill out till we heard it all.

What got to me, was, here is a dude that just got out of prison, where one is sedegrated from the real world, and it is now apparent that Bruce never felt he was a part of Prison World, and as he co-mingle with them, he was secretly looking down his nose at them – way down! And now, he wants to replicate his world view in a Free Society, basically rendering common workers to a underground (basement) existence, where they may never see the light of day! Of course they are free to go looking for other employment. But, Bruce and his Russian Spy wife had big, big plans. They wanted to unite and build a One World Order.

Consider the Nashi Love Camps, where couples are put in tents on barges and bid to fornicate while the barges float down river. Are there black market computers stowed away in these barges?

It became clear to me, Bruce and his Soviet wife, wanted One World approved couples to copulate and produce Super Children whose DNA would be drawn to Mother Russia. Wanda and her kind have had their day! It was then that I did an illustration of Sparkytown that sat just outside the entrance to One World University, as a reminder there is an alternative Bohemian lifestyle, a Gypsey Camp if you will.

Sparkytown is a couple of old fishing shacks with coffee shop and outdoor sitting. I drew an image of Sparky and Spanky (Michael and Jon) sitting under a umbrella watching these automatons lined up to get into OWU. I have to find this prophetic work of art, and scan it, because it predicts the coming of Jingletwon, and the Nashi Sex Camps in Russia.

There is areal possibility Svetlana is the illegitimate daughter of Putin, his ‘Love Child’ There is a resemblance.

What alarmed Michael and I, is that we knew Bruce was incapable of owning an original idea. He was a notorious Borrower. Could it be that Wanda’s guest was importing Soviet ideas into the Asylum, her basement? This is when we conducted a test. We insisted Bruce take some time away from his telephone and the watch the movie ‘The Producers’. At the end of it, we asked;

“Did you see any resemblance to you and the chacters in this movie?”
“Huh! What are you talking about?”
“How about the closing scene and song ‘Prisoners of Love’.
“What – No! You guys are crazy. Excuse me, I hear my phone ringing.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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