Trump Victim of Peter Principle

Flynn may go. Kellyanne was thrown under the bus. The world is seeing how incompitent the Trumpites are.

Rosamond Press



We Creative Bohemians did beg Trump not to push a Stuffed Shirt on half of America, the half Trump fired, and threw out of the National Fashion Art Store. Getting rid of half your customers in order to get a Rebel Yell out of your Beer Guzzling Bubbas down in the Red States, is not good business. We Bohemians knew Donald would cave to the Chinese Rave and Wave, and flood the market with Stuffed Pandas. To get the ball rolling, the Republicans gleefully announced they are getting rid of Funding for the Arts.

“Get rid of the National Design Department! Bring in my Children!”

The Red Chinese did a victory dance when they heard this, and ordered the manufacture of ten million Panda bears, with fake American flags sewn in the seams. Now, we got a major Whiteout! Everything has gone to BLAND! Most young shoppers got hip to…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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