Is Trump Mental?


“No one had it harder – than me!”

Trump’s mother fled from the Island of Lewis, where……………no one had it harder! Yesterday I began to look at our President’s genealogy to see if I could find evidence to back up the real concern Donald is mentally ill.

“Democratic Sen. Al Franken on Sunday doubled down on a suggestion that some of his Republican colleagues in the Senate are concerned about President Donald Trump’s mental health.

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, host Jake Tapper asked Franken if he was serious when he told HBO’s Bill Maher that some of his Republican colleagues “will say [Trump’s] not right mentally, and then some are harsher.”

“Yes,” Franken said. “It’s not the majority of them. It’s a few.”

What I suspect, is, Trump is playing his mother’s tape. Mary Anne MacLeod lands in America with fifty bucks in her pocket. She has just fled from the Island of Lewis that is the Hard Luck Capitol of the World. For generations outsiders have been socking it to the citizens. No one had it worse then the MacLeods. There was a never ending oral contest to see who could recite the worst luck story. No one has any empathy for anyone else, because this is a Liar’s Contest. It looks like the winner was helped by a rich capitalist or two. Consider The Apprentice.

Mary Anne bags a well to do American business man. No such person exists on Lewis where everyone fishes and whines about how they are going nowhere – but to hell! Does Fred Trump know his wife is mental? He begins to wonder why she won’t let the past go. She feels slighted, perseucuted by friends who find her odd, not like them. Fred cant make her happy. He cant get her to stop boasting about how hard she had it. He begins to feel impotent. He wonders if there is something in her DNA that will affect their children. There might be real reasons why outsiders hated the Lewisers.

Seeing she will never fit in, and she is Damaged Goods, rather then hide this fact, she goes on the attack. Mary Anne intimidates everyone around her. She delights in making people feel unconformable. She mocks people who complain about their upbringing. There is a good chance Donald does not see himself as a citizen of the USA. I think he identifies with his mother – who may be a illegal alien! In deporting aliens, and banning immigrants, Donald is trying to FIX HIS MOTHER, make her legitimate – at last! Does Donald feel illegitimate?

Donald may identify with his great grandfather, Alexander MacLeod, who may have been The Last Happy Man Standing. Trump triumphantly returns to Scotland to build a golf course. He is honoring The MacLeod Ghost. On Lewis, every family had a Bitter Haunt with a beef that would not die. God have mercy on us! Spare us from the wrath of a MacLeod!

Jon Presco

From 1888 to 1921, Coll and the nearby farmlands of Tong and Gress were the scene of several land raids. This made them the focus of a wider conflict between the people of Lewis, its owners, and the government.

During the 19th century Lewis, like many rural areas of Scotland, became impoverished and depopulated. This was the result of deliberate evictions of tenant farmers by the landowners (the Highland Clearances), harsh living conditions, outright famine in some years, and voluntary emigration in hopes of a better life elsewhere. Towards the start of the 20th century the British government attempted to reverse this trend, by providing land for small farm settlements, allotments or crofts, and by improving the conditions of land tenure. There was also a political promise that servicemen returning from World War I should have “a land fit for heroes to live in” and enjoy priority for such settlements.

This policy was not contentious in England, but Scottish landowners were generally hostile, and able to frustrate it. The island of Lewis was exceptional in being owned in its entirety by wealthy industrialists prepared to invest heavily to develop the area – from 1844 by the Matheson family (founders of Jardine Matheson) then from 1917 by William Hesketh Lever, Lord Leverhulme the soap magnate. But as industrialists, their vision of the island’s future was industrial – fisheries, tweed manufacture, and the like. They were utterly opposed to land re-settlement, seeing this as perpetuating an outmoded way of life. Meanwhile the landless people of Lewis found themselves existing in overcrowded, squalid conditions, alongside empty arable acres given over to sheep, deer-stalking or grouse-shooting.

Coll, Lewis – Wikipedia
Scary! Trump has no empathy because his mother came from Lewis, where NO ONE HAD IT HARDER! We are in trouble, seriously.,_Lewis

Contrary to Trump’s well-told line, that his mother had traveled to America ‘on holiday’ and ended up never leaving, immigration documents seen by The National reveal that her true story was one of deliberate migration.

An uncomfortable truth perhaps, for the Republican’s presumptive nominee whose campaign website declares: ‘The influx of foreign workers holds down salaries, keeps unemployment high, and makes it difficult for poor and working-class Americans – including immigrants themselves and their children – to earn a middle-class wage.’

Now, the mystery that has previously clouded the story of Trump’s mother’s migration to America is made clear.

But Macleod was not only leaving abject poverty in Scotland in search of a better life, she was also fleeing from a family scandal: The sister who first hosted her in New York, Mrs Catherine Reid, had given birth out of wedlock in her home country in 1920, according to the paper.

A devastating situation that forced Reid and three other sisters out of their hometown of Tong to America.

The youngest of ten children, Macleod was born to a fisherman and crofter father, Malcom Macleod, and mother Mary Macleod, née Smith.

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Coll, Lewis – Wikipedia
Thanks Robert for the hint. It appears the Island of Lewis is the place where NO ONE HAD IT HARDER. This why Trump has not empathy for anyone. Not ever his children, or, Nation.,_Lewis.

Greg Presco commented on Sandra
Why the different last name? How isolated was this family.

Greg Presco commented on Sandra
Hiding and protecting a mentally ill family member can reach monumental proportions.,

Greg Presco commented on Sandra
Greg Presco's photo.
Study this face, the cockeyed look with funny smile. Was Mary mentally ill? Is this the big family secret? Did Mary have sibling who came to America. DT’s daughter has problems.

Greg Presco commented on Sandra

Pocahontas – Wikipedia
Why does DT keep invoking her name, a native American who was treated with respect in England? Was Mary treated with disrespect?

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