A New Reformation

Rosamond Press

In 1990 I went to see Matthew Fox at Saint Mary’s College in Oakland. Ratzinger, who later became the Pope, was trying to get Matthew and other Liberal Catholics, excommunicated.

As heir to the Protestant Reformation, I hereby delcare Ratzinger ‘The Heretic’ the enemy of the original Christian church, called ‘The Church of God’ that Saint Paul hunted down, and all but destroyed!

In Matthew 27:53 Jesus completes his mission, which is to raise Nazarite Saints from their tomb at the moment of his death – as a Nazarite! These ressurected Saints went into Jerusalem and ministered to the multitude – and prepared THE WAY for the Lord! That Lord came into the body of Jesus – and walked the earth…….for a little while.

Paul tortured the Nazarites in order to get them to denounce “THEIR LORD” that was disapeared, along with the Arc – the SEAT OF GOD!


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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