Frank Coakley Convicts Oakland 7

The old woman up the street who bonded with the Presco family, was the daughter of the D.A who went after Mario Savio. “After much uproar and delay, the bringing to justice of the whole eight hundred some-odd who were arrested in Sproul Hall had finally gotten off the ground in early March, 1965. The main disagreements revolved around whether we were to be tried collectively or as individuals. The opening statement was made by the district attorney, J. Frank Coakley, who wanted blood.195
Mario instantly got himself into hot water by making a comment to Judge Crittenden about “shameless hypocrisy” that netted him two days in stony-lonesome for contempt.

Rosamond Press

The District Attorney of Alameda and Oakland brought charges against anti-war demonstrators, and went after Mario Savio and the Free Speech Movement – as well as the Black Panther!

In 1967 while taking a bus from L.A. to Oakland I was detained for being a professional Demonstarer and held in a cop room inside the greyhound Station. I was aksed if I was going to the demonstration in Oakland. I told the plain-clothes officer I knew nothing about a demonstration, I live there. This cop took out his truncheon and was going to work me over, when his superior walked in and told him to “Knock it off!”

Coakley was close with Ed Meese and Erl Warren, thus this appears to be a conspiracy headed by the U.S. Government. It is my intent to put all radical and liberal agendas under the umbrella of organized religion due to the holy…

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