Send Us United Nations Aid

The Eurpean Union is under attack by Dumbbrats. Briebart has no answers. A handful of people know how to fight the Pussy Monster and Steve Bannon. I am one of them. You want me on main street, at high noon.

Rosamond Press


God knows we have enough porno material!

Denis de Rougemont was a Father of the European Union and promoter of the United Nations. Otto Von Habsburg was a Father of Pan European Union. He also held the title ‘King of Jerusalem. Denis and the Aga Khan, founded an organization to save the planet. Dedicated people have spent millions of hours trying to achieve world peace, and here come Dumb Donald Buck – with more of his JACK-OFF material!

This is why Melania will not live in the White House – with that pervert – who gets up in the middle of the night, grabs his JACK-OFF material, heads for the bathroom, drops his pants, and starts twittering. Here is a very wealthy white man, who knows nothing about the white race. Melania knows he is in a position to do great things, and be great, but, he is more interested in…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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