New Knight Templars Support the European Union


The New Knight Templars support the European Union and the ideals of Denis De Rougemont.

Jon Presco EU leader warns of Trump threat 01:32

(CNN)The European Union declared the Trump administration a “threat” on Tuesday, laying bare what many Europeans think privately and setting the stage for increased tension between the US and EU. European Union President Donald Tusk’s diplomatic bombshell listed the Trump administration as a threat alongside China, Russia, terrorism and radical Islam, adding that “worrying declarations by the new American administration all make our future highly unpredictable.” “The change in Washington puts the European Union in a difficult situation; with the new administration seeming to put into question the last 70 years of American foreign policy,” Tusk said in a letter to EU members. The astonishing break from diplomatic practice stems from reasons that range from the personal to the broadly geopolitical. Tusk’s stark description about a close ally of seven decades reflects deep unease about President Donald Trump’s take on European institutions. He’s called NATO “obsolete,” dismissed the 28-member EU as a “vehicle for Germany” and publicly said he’s had “a very bad experience” with the EU as a businessman.

There is concern that Trump’s comments will not only undermine the EU, but benefit Russia, which would prefer a weakened NATO and a strained Europe-US alliance.


Bannon seen as most influential Trump adviser


Bannon seen as most influential Trump adviser

MUST WATCH Bannon seen as most influential Trump adviser 02:54And then there is deep wariness about Trump’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon — not just because of his anti-EU views and influence on the President but because his website Breitbart News is looking to expand into Europe. Diplomats said there’s concern the site’s cocktail of fake news and conspiracies could impact upcoming European elections.

“Tusk’s letter speaks to one challenge Europeans see — Trump’s skepticism,” said Fran Burwell, a distinguished fellow at the Atlantic Council. “But there’s another challenge in Bannon,” who is close to populist European politicians such as France’s Marion le Pen and her aunt Marine, leader of the National Front.
While some experts champion a move away from the EU and multilateral organizations, many diplomats and analysts said the new US administration seems to be trying to rewrite the terms of the US-EU alliance in ways that are potentially destabilizing.
Tusk’s “dramatic language is something you wouldn’t expect. It’s extremely worrying, but I can see why. Trump’s policies to the EU are completely unprecedented,” said Stefan Lehne, a former EU diplomat from Austria now with Carnegie Europe. “Every Brit and European was socialized to expect the US to lead on every international crisis. Now you have a US president who wouldn’t mind at all if the EU fell apart.”

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