Elfine Arrives


I pumped up the tires on Lil Blue and went off riding. I had a date with destiny. I will not tell you her name. She suggested we think of one another while apart. This is all the permission I ever wanted from a beautiful woman, my muse.

When I was young, I was so terribly shy, that when I saw her, my heart skipped a beat. I would then write a poem about her that they never read, because I was too petrified to hand it to them. There was more than one. I was crippled with love. I could not approach. I could not run away.

I would do drawing of her. Who is she? In 1986, her name was Elfine. She was half cat, and half alien from Felinia. When I saw Neytiri in the movie Avatar, I beheld Elfine. When I saw her today, she had braided a dyed patch of hair that hung down one side of her head that had other braided areas, more enticements and meaningful messages that I silently bonded with. She had the longest neck that carried her curious look. She was not from here. But it was her crystal eyes and long lashes that made her look so completely exotic. She knew she had crossed the borderline. Her eyes, bid me to follow. What land is she? What box of stars does she hold dear, that may never be opened and shared with a stranger. Curiosity! Curious, curiosity! I am in love!

I got to see her lashes up close. My heart stopped beating. I complimented her. She said she recently hugged a tree. She had an astounding profile. I told her the Pre-Raphaelite Artists would fight over her. She asked me about them. Here they are. They are the reason I let my hair grown long in 1969.

She said I can draw and paint her. I want to climb a tree with her. I told her about the longest kiss, dedicated to ending the war as my pencil ran across her perfect lips I studied in the mirror. Onto a empty piece of paper I took her there, as she cut my hair. I just had to look up, and see, see her here, and there, my muse again by my side, pointing with her long finger, to the things that truly matter. My alien and I, went exploring.




My Avatar – Elfine





Avat3In 1986 I decided to become a writer and began ‘Elfine’. Elfine was born on a planet of cat-like humanoids, and was sired by Ivan who descends from famous Vikings. He is a Russian diplomat who travels to Felinia, the planet of felines. On his second trip, he brings his daughter back with him. I did not know then that Ivan means, John. Elfine falls in love with Jonathan, a young friend of Ivan. There is a great tree under a dome on a large ship that heads off to a new planet.

When I saw the movie Avatar, I beheld Elfine. I did not own a typewriter, and it is handwritten. I have so much to do. I do not need anymore hurdles put in my way. Maybe I am a Genius? I am a Seer – for sure!

Drew does cats and alien creatures.

In the border is a note that says “for Leslie”. Leslie lived in my Berkeley hotel down the hall. She was 22. We loved each other, deeply, but I was afraid to become a pair because I barely survived my three year relationship with a severe alcoholic. Leslie was a Seminole Indian from Florida who had a number tattooed on her wrist because she was from a rare tride that was on the rolls. She hated this mark, and was furious about whites destorying the planet. She was beautiful, tall, and regal. Leslie was my Muse and model for my drawing of Elfine.

Jon Presco

Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of FloridaMain article: Miccosukee
The relocation to reservations and the federal recognition of the Seminole Tribe of Florida – a move largely supported by residents of the reservations – caused antipathy between the reservation Seminole and those who had chosen not to move. In particularly, a group known as the Trail Indians, who lived along the Tamiami Trail, felt disenfranchised by the situation. This was exacerbated in 1950 when some reservation Seminoles filed a land claim suit against the federal government that was not supported by the Trail Indians.[10]

Following the recognition of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, the Trail Indians decided to organize their own separate tribal government. They sought recognition as the Miccosukee Tribe, as they spoke the Mikasuki (Miccosukee) language. They received full recognition in 1962, and received their own reservation land, collectively known as the Miccosukee Indian Reservation.[10] The Miccosukee Tribe set up a 333-acre (1.35 km2) reservation on the northern border of Everglades National Park, about 45 miles (72 km) west of Miami.[27]

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    My science fiction nove, Elifned, l is about the suxteen year old daughter of Ivan (John) the famous Russian diplomat who end the cold war so her could live in John Steinbeck country. Donald John wants Putin to help hm save the planet. “HANOI, November 12. /TASS/. US President Donald Trump considers it necessary to get back to cooperation with Moscow, which will be beneficial for the country and for the whole world, he said at a joint press conference with his Vietnamese counterpart Tran Dai Quang on Sunday.
    Earlier Trump told journalists about his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin when the latter categorically rejected even a hypothetical possibility of Moscow’s interference in the US electoral process.
    When asked to comment on his own statements about Putin, Trump said that though he relies on the US intelligence services, he considers it necessary to get along with Russia and China.
    According to President, Moscow and Washington need to team up to solve global issues, such as Syrian, North Korean, and Ukrainian problems, and to tackle terrorism.

    Trump and his high-profile advisers have denied accusations of illegal contacts with Russian officials during last year’s presidential election. Moscow also has denied claims of its meddling in the US presidential election.


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