Breaking Postal Contract With Santa Claus

Save the Post Office and create Trump Free Zones all over America! King Twitter will soon launch a campaign to upstage Saint Nick, because Santa is stealing his narcissistic supply. Trump’s new nuclear arms race may be a pre-emptive strike on the Sugar Plum Fairies who can not find their rosy cheeked children because they are hiding in the closet, or, under the bed.

Rosamond Press

When the United States Post Office made and sold images of Santa Claus, who is based upon a real person, then We the People entered into a contractual agreement with a religious figure, believing Saint Nick was a Secular, or Pagan invention. This is far from the truth. There is a strong link between Saint Nicholas de Myre and the Priory de Rougemont from where my Rosamond kindred hail.

“This James (or Jacob, for these names were once interchangeable) was the son of Hans Ulrich Rosemond, born 1623, a weaver; who was a son of Hans, a weaver, born 1581; who was a son of Fred Rosemond, born 1552, a weaver, member of town council and a local captain; who was the son of another Hans whose date of birth is not known, but he too, was a weaver and became a citizen of Basle in 1534. His father was…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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