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The tragedy I experienced with Marilyn Reed and Kathy Vrzak, is now our national tragedy. When aspects of their gospel choir became a money-making adventure, I was dismissed from participating, and realizing profits. This was done in a covert manner, and then in an overt manner where my lack of faith, and my “selfish” agenda, was given as the reason I found myself outside the circle of “friends”. One of these friends was Eric the head of the NAACP a originaztion that was founded by both white and black people, who were socialists, if not communists. This raised the question as whether or not the NAACP is exclusive or inclusive, and, was one required to be a communist, or, is one required to be a born again believer in Jesus Christ. How about a believer in the rebuilding og the temple at Zion? This blog is full of warnings about mixing ones secular agendas, with ones religious agendas. I suspect very few of my readers understood my concern. To most, it sounds like a wonderful blessing to be an American and a Believer. And, what better time is there to let your countryman know you love Jesus, then at the polling places. Here’s your big chance to let Jesus know you are behind him – till the bitter end. For this show of Faith, Jesus will grant you special favors, even make you rich!

“The poet Robert de Boron retold this material in his poem Merlin. Only a few lines of the poem have survived, but a prose retelling became popular and was later incorporated into two other romances. In Robert’s account, as in Geoffrey’s Historia, Merlin is begotten by a demon on a virgin as an intended Antichrist. This plot is thwarted when the expectant mother informs her confessor Blaise of her predicament; they immediately baptize the boy at birth, thus freeing him from the power of Satan. The demonic legacy invests Merlin with a preternatural knowledge of the past and present, which is supplemented by God, who gives the boy a prophetic knowledge of the future.”

What if there is no Jesus? What if there is only Satan? Here I am dressed as Merlin, who is a candidate for the Anti-Christ. Here is a black woman making the same complaint I made AFTER Satan was elected President of the United States. Critics of Trump see him running our Democracy as a Big Business, surrounded by Holy People on a Mission from God. Having studied royalty and their church, this is exactly the system our Founding fathers left Europe to get away from. This system made serfs and slaves of millions. This system brought slaves to the Americas. Trump will create a Cast & Perk system. His loyal ones will be blessed. While the disloyal subjects will be cursed. They will be put outside the Holy Money Making System of God. There will be a Very Privileged Class.  This is exactly the system Jesus opposed, and thus, the God of the Jews.

The Big Trouble with religious rule, is it needs a devil to make it work. For over two hundred years our democratic system did not need a devil to make it work. Now, we got a devil who will destroy us all and, those who put this devil in office are overjoyed with their holy handy work, that fortifies The Great Dumb Duality!

Of all the crazy-ass things I am compelled to do – by God knows what – my driveby and shout-out of the new home of the NAACP in Eugene, as the Grand Wizard, Merlin, is the acme of my madness! I predicted our Dumb Duality, our Black vs. White, Wrong vs. Right BLINDNESS, will be our undoing. At this time, no one dreamed Trump would be the Republican candidate – least the President of the United States! I got it right. Most voters wanted a Grand Wizard with a magic wand to wave – and fix everything. WE surrendered our power to………..HIM.

Did God give me a sign in regards to this post that objects to Krysta Albert being the racist leader of our hip liberal city celebration – and she is a Trump supporter?

I posted this October 14th. before the election. I was The Messenger who was seeing the future. I was cast out, vilified, threatened, isolated and silenced – just like Jesus! Did God give His Message to a non-believer, because the Believers were too occupied with Satan’s Vain Voting Mirror, they only wanting to know the answer to one question?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the whitest of them all?”

Jon Presco

Yolanda Pierce @YNPierce

White evangelicals:you’ve decisively proven that you love your whiteness more than you love your black & brown brothers & sisters in Christ.

Donald Trump won the overwhelming majority of the evangelical vote, we know that for a fact. Indeed, many Christians who refused to vote for the billionaire mogul still cannot believe what their brothers and sisters did. “My years in theological education were at the forefront of my mind while trying to understand the outcome of this historic 2016 election, in which over 81 percent of white evangelicals and born-again Christians voted for the president-elect” writes Rev. Dr. Yolanda Pierce at Religion Dispatches.

“Last week I watched as 81 percent of white evangelicals and born-again Christians voted for someone who, on tape, mocked a journalist with disabilities, and who, also on tape, lied about mocking that journalist.”

Pierce continues to list Trump’s failings and is baffled by his evangelical support. “I watched as 81 percent of white evangelicals and born-again Christians voted for someone who admitted to sexually assaulting women and gleefully affirming that he would face no consequences for doing so,” she writes.

So, have many of these evangelicals forgotten something crucial about the reality of this election outcome? “I lament that, for white evangelicals, my brothers and sisters in Christ (some of whom have joined me in the work of racial justice), the very real lives and experiences of black and brown peoples, Muslims, immigrants, and so many others were apparently not on their radar. People whose highest commandment is to love God and then love your neighbor,” writes Pierce.

“As a descendent of enslaved persons my ancestors have been in the United States longer than almost any other group besides American Indians. I am not going to leave the country my ancestors built with their blood and uncompensated labor. And I am a Christian–a faith that was birthed in an African cradle,” she continues.

“I am not going to leave the faith bequeathed to me by my foremothers and forefathers. But I will always speak truth from my lived experience as an African American living in a nation in which the structural sins of racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression are clearly evident even in the body of Christ.”

But through all this, can we still be bridge-makers and people who seek reconciliation with others? Pierce isn’t so sure. “I do not know if I can continue to pay the cost of being a peacemaker and a bridge-builder with those who refuse to see how their actions have so deeply wounded minority communities. Something has been broken for me; a fragile hope that the work of racial and gender justice will be embraced by the larger church.”

David Friedman, the newly appointed United States Ambassador to Israel, is on a crusade.  Two weeks before the elections, he wrote an oped in the Jerusalem Post that reveals his unflinching fervor: “As American Jews numbering some six million souls… we have been given an opportunity that our ancestors could not have dreamed of…. Instead of having to confront the challenges of murderous enemies… we have been entrusted a legacy by the greatest of generations that preceded us to ensure that Israel survives and flourishes as a light unto the nations and a permanent home for the Jewish people.”

David Friedman

David Friedman



“David Friedman represents a political and spiritual shift for Israel and America. Having a strong man of faith who understands Israel’s Biblical, historical and legal right to the land of Israel is a huge achievement for our great nations and further illustrates Trump’s commitment to our closest friend and ally, Israel.” Said Laurie Cardoza-Moore, president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations and Special UN Envoy for the World Council of Independent Christian Churches which represents over 40 million Christians worldwide. 

She continued: “We pray that Mr. Friedman will be the first U.S Ambassador to oversee the historic relocation of our U.S. Embassy to the place it belongs, Jerusalem. In the words of the prophet Issiah: For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem,” 

President-elect Donald Trump. Photo: Wikipedia.

President-elect Donald Trump. Photo: Wikipedia.

According to Christianity Today, more than 80 percent of white evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump. This major voting block was decisive, since evangelicals represent 20% of all registered voters; the greatest percentages of these voters are in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama, W. Virginia, Arkansas, N. Carolina, Kentucky, S. Carolina, Mississippi and Kansas — all states carried by Trump.

Congratulations. You and your candidate won. And your support was critical in this victory.

But your enthusiastic endorsement of Mr. Trump, giving him a greater percentage of votes than George W. Bush in 2004, raises questions about what you really believe — not what you say you believe, but what your actions say about your beliefs.

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According to every definition that I’ve researched, evangelical principles are derived from the life and teachings of Jesus as depicted in the Gospels of the New Testament Bible.

Did you vote for Donald Trump because he exemplifies the life and teachings of Jesus? You may try to wiggle out of that implication, but in elevating your candidate to the most powerful and influential position in the world you have tacitly sanctioned what he has personified. Thus:

Will you now say to someone who grabs you daughter’s genitals that it’s OK because that’s what Donald Trump bragged about doing in a recorded conversation?

Will you now cheer those who ridicule women, minorities, veterans, the disabled and countless others?

Will you now applaud someone who gloats about how smart he is for figuring out how to avoid paying taxes?

Will you now praise businessmen who don’t pay their workers or contractors for work they completed?

Will you now encourage others to set up learning institutions that charge exorbitant fees but don’t deliver what they promise?

Will you now envy someone who establishes a foundation for his personal benefit, with virtually no contribution from his personal fortune and little of the funds being used for genuine charities?

Will you now emulate those who tell you to buy American while they seek-out the lowest priced foreign goods?

Will you now encourage someone to refuse to divulge Federal tax returns for fear the documents will reveal shameful evidence of lying, avoiding taxes, earning income from businesses that cheat, divulge a lack of giving, show far less success in business than claimed, or expose business dealings with America’s adversaries to whom he or she may be indebted?

Will you now commend others who insist on deporting undocumented immigrants but who hire them for their businesses at low wages?

Will you now praise candidates who fact checkers say have lied 74% of the time?

Will you now revere the hubristic declaration: “I alone can fix the system?”

If many of these behaviors come back to bite you as they strip away America’s democracy, how will you explain your endorsement to your children and grandchildren? How will you explain your vote in a face-off with your professed religious and spiritual values?

More important, have you thought about what Jesus would say?

Check the Gospels. I think you may have missed something. Then meditate on Jesus’ last words, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” And ask: Is he talking to me?

When the consequences of your act of endorsement are fully played out, will you be able to forgive yourselves?

Don’t count on Donald Trump to ask for forgiveness. He has already admitted that he has never sought God for forgiveness: “I think if I do something wrong. I don’t bring God into that picture.”

When Moses went up to Mount Sinai to meet God, his followers, fearful about the future after gaining freedom and wandering in the desert, abandoned their faith for a false idol, the golden calf.

Have you now sacrificed your faith to worship at the altar of a new golden calf?

After compromising your cherished principles in exchange for Donald Trump’s promises to fulfill your hopes and dreams, will those commitments soon get flushed down his golden toilet?

Bernard Starr, PhD, is Professor Emeritus at the City University of New York (Brooklyn College). His latest book (expanded edition) is “Jesus, Jews, and Anti-Semitism in Art: How Renaissance Art Erased Jesus’ Jewish Identity and How Today’s Artists Are Restoring It.” He is also organizer of the art exhibit “Putting Judaism Back in the Picture: Toward Healing the Christian/Jewish Divide.” This article was originally published by The Huffington Post. Follow Bernard Starr on Twitter: 

Friedman’s crusade has three primary aims: to fortify Israel’s colonial project, undermine the U.S.-Iran Nuclear deal, and to vilify liberals, particularly Jewish liberals.

The first two objectives are revealed very clearly in a 16-point action plan, written by Friedman and Jason Dov Grennblatt this past November.

First, the plan declares that the “U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish state and Mr. Trump’s Administration will move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.” Simultaneously, the two-state solution is presented as defunct, not due to the geographic reality created by over half a million Jewish settlers taking over Palestinian land, but because “Palestinians are unwilling to renounce violence against Israel or recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.” The problem is, in Friedman’s view, that the two major Palestinian political parties “ regularly promote anti-Semitism and jihad. Such explanations clearly elide the everyday violence experienced by Palestinians, while giving a green light for their ongoing dispossession.

However, the 16-point plan also insists that in order to allow Israel to continue its colonial project unhindered, it is paramount to undermine the international institutions that have attempted to curb Israel’s rights-abusive policies. Friedman accordingly suggests that the “U.S. should cut off funds for the UN Human Rights Council” and “should veto any United Nations votes that unfairly single out Israel,” while working with the European Union to oppose “special labeling requirements on Israeli products or boycotts on Israeli goods.” Indeed, “the U.S. should view the effort to boycott, divest from, and sanction (BDS) Israel as inherently anti-Semitic and take strong measures, both diplomatic and legislative, to thwart actions that are intended to limit commercial relations with Israel.”

While anti-Semitism is a recurring trope in the new ambassador’s lexicon used as a political weapon to deflect criticism, it is crucial to understand that Friedman is not only a fiery rhetorician, but also a savvy strategist. Indeed, he did not wait for his appointment to become pro-active in assisting the messianic Jewish settlers. In order to help redeem the land of Israel where Jewish people “have lived… for 3,500 years,” Friedman joined the American Friends of Bet El, an NGO that raises funds for the West Bank settlement. As the organization’s president, he succeeded in soliciting money from the family charity of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, and thus solidify the connection between the incoming administration and Israel’s illegal settlements.

His second objective as ambassador will be to help Prime Minister Netanyahu undermine the 2015 Iran Nuclear deal. Following Netanyahu’s cue, Friedman depicts Iran in the document “as the leading state sponsor of terrorism — putting the Middle East particularly, but the whole world at risk by financing, arming, and training terrorist groups operating around the world.” This, Friedman concludes, is a violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed with Iran and justifies the implementation of “tough, new sanctions.”

In addition to retracting the Iran deal, Friedman recommends that the Trump Administration strengthen the “unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel” by ensuring that Israel receive “maximum military, strategic and tactical cooperation from the United States.” He consequently recommends cancelling the clause in the Memorandum of Understanding, recently signed by the Obama Administration and the Israeli Government, which limits Congress from giving financial support greater than the 3.8 billion dollars it has already promised to provide annually for the next ten years.

Finally, Friedman’s third objectives is to delegitimize liberals, or anyone who will stand in the way of his crusade. ;This objective has been most clearly seen in the language he uses to malign those who disagree with his political agenda.

He has depicted media outlets such as the New York Times and the Washington Post as a fifth column, President Barack Obama is labeled an anti-Semite, while Jews active in the pro-Israel lobby J-Street are deemed “worse than kapos — Jews who turned in their fellow Jews in the Nazi death camps.”

Why, one might ask, are they worse than kapos?

Friedman explains: “The kapos faced extraordinary cruelty and who knows what any of us would have done under those circumstances to save a loved one? But J Street? They are just smug advocates of Israel’s destruction delivered from the comfort of their secure American sofas – it’s hard to imagine anyone worse.”

What is particularly frightening about Friedman–like quite a few of Trump’s other picks–is that he is on a sacred mission. Thus, anyone who disagrees with his first two objectives is characterized as an apostate, either an anti-Semite or Jihadist, or an apologist for one or the other or both. As someone who has witnessed what U.S. interventionism has wrought in the Middle East since the dawn of the new millennium, Friedman’s appointment is not only extremely scary, but like the crusaders of old, it foretells of much bloodshed to come.

First published in Middle East Eye

Neve Gordon

Neve Gordon

Neve Gordon is an Israeli activist and the author of Israel’s Occupation and co-author (with Nicola Perugini) of the newly released The Human Right to Dominate.

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