For the Love of Orange Sunshine

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Seeing those vintage Venice pics fired-up some memories. I can still see the gold aura around these beautiful young people, many having dropped LSD. We were lighting up the place – literally!

Several months ago Michael Dundon told me about the time Christine sold two paintings to her friend, Raphael Fouquet, in order to bail Michael out of jail. He had filed a false police report against Larry Sidle, my ex-brother-in-law, after he came to his brother’s house in Venice and harassed her. Michael said Larry was selling drugs to school children. I suspect Larry was a member of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. He was a surfer in the early sixties, and lived in an old mansion on the beach Play Del Rey. Larry helped put together to first Rolling Stones tour.

There are two other connections to the Brotherhood, but, after reading about them, I best keep some…

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