Zionists Defend Bannon – WAR?

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Why is Zoa defending Bannon?

“The Zionist Organization of America represents the interests and legacy of Meir Kahane.”

Bob Dylan may be a disciple of Kahane, and thus he is a Zionist.

“The Scottish novelist and playwright tweeted: “I’m a Dylan fan, but this is an ill conceived nostalgia award wrenched from the rancid prostates of senile, gibbering hippies.”

Bob Dylan has removed himself from the Hippie Left a long time ago. He is seen as our Messenger, even our Messiah. But, Hippies were/are for Peace – and fair treatment of Palestine!

I demand Dylan make a statement to THE PEOPLE who made him rich and famous! I demand he tell us where he stands on key issues, or, we will burn his albums and CDS.

This puts Dylan very close to the man Donald Trump sees as his main adviser. Trump promised to put the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Is Trump going to war with Iran? The President elect said he will not telegraph his punches. But, he is! A round-up of Muslims would be the equivalent of the internment of the Japanese.

Liz Berney ran for office and is a politician. She was on CNN defending Bannon whose wife accused him of Anti-Semitism. Zionists have been embracing neo-Confederates like Rick Perry. Israel WANTS USE OF OUR MILITARY! Evangelicals want the temple of David rebuilt.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Zionist Organization of America Official Defends Boss Bannon”

The Zionist Organization of America represents the interests and legacy of Meir Kahane and has repeatedly called for the Jerusalem- and Sheldon Adelson-sponsored elimination of all members of Israel, Judea, and Samaria and all members of its faith who fail to bow before Kahane and Adelson.



The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), founded in 1897, was the first official Zionist organization in the United States, and, especially early in the 20th century, the primary representative of American Jews to the World Zionist Organization, espousing primarily Political Zionism.

Today, the ZOA is a prominent pro-Israel group in the United States, with 25,000 current members.

The ZOA was strongly opposed to Israel’s decision to withdraw from the Gaza Strip in 2005. In January 2009, the ZOA issued a statement calling on supporters of the withdrawal to apologize, stating that the “past three years of rapid security deterioration in the southern part of Israel,” and that “in these circumstances, it is high time for all MKs, journalists and others, regardless of party affiliation, who supported the process of unilateral withdrawal to apologize to the Israeli electorate.[19]

In January 2009, the ZOA expressed concern about President Barack Obama‘s selection of George J. Mitchell as an envoy to the Middle East. The ZOA criticized Mitchell because he “believes both sides are equally at fault” and that “settlements are the main problem, not the Palestinian people’ refusal to end terrorism.” The ZOA also stated that “George Mitchell’s success with the IRA-British problem doesn’t translate to success with the Palestinian struggle against Israeli military occupation. However extreme and murderous the IRA was, the goal was not the destruction of Britain and extermination of its people. They wanted only to remove Northern Ireland from British rule. By contrast, the goal of Hamas and the Palestinian nationalist movement is Israel’s destruction and the murder of Jews, not merely the creation of a Palestinian Arab state next to it.”[20]

Yes, the Zionist Organization of America, the largest and most vocal of the U.S. groups supporting the settlement enterprise and other hardline underpinnings of the Netanyahu administration, does spend much of its time and money on boycotts which relate to, and may have the effect of harming, the state of Israel.

What is noteworthy, however, is the extent to which many of these boycotts are at the initiative of the ZOA itself.
To put it simply, the ZOA prospers by making new enemies for Israel.
All too often, in fact, the ZOA prospers by taking friends of Israel, and making them into enemies.
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/blogs/a-special-place-in-hell/.premium-1.664874

lizabeth Berney is the ZOA’s director of special projects.

This is the most important existential issue facing Israel — and also Europe and America,” she said. “It is so dangerous. In addition to the potential for Iran bombing Israel — or Saudi Arabia — or New York — one of the other huge dangers of the deal being negotiated is the amount of the money — the billions and billions of dollars, an estimated $150 billion — that will be released to Iran in sanctions relief. That will be used to build more bombs, and foment terrorism around the world.

That is a very terrifying prospect. Iran arms Hamas. It arms Hezbollah. Look at what it did in Argentina, with the AMIA bombing. Look at the barracks in Lebanon. It is one terrorist atrocity after another and Israelis and Americans will be in huge danger.

We are trying to influence the American people,” she added. She wanted to dispel any idea that the rally is planned to attract only right-wing participants.

The speakers are mainly military experts, and many of them are nonpartisan,” she said. “They know what the dangers are.” Speakers range across the political spectrum, she added, including such well-known figures as Alan Dershowitz, who is notably liberal as well as an outspoken supporter of Israel.

Now that a deal has been struck, Congress has 60 days to approve it; either an agreement will have been signed or rejected just before the rally, and that period will have started, or it will be imminent. “The timing is not accidental,” Ms. Berney said. “There is a need to wake people up during this period.”

She encourages as many people as possible to join the rally. “We have a very good relationship with the New York City police,” she said. “They know us. And we also have our own security, and the police work with us. They always have been very sympathetic to our protests.

I remember that during the Klinghoffer protests, many of the police officers spoke to us, and they said that they agree with us. I am sure that we will have the same kind of help during this rally.

People should feel safe,” she said.

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