Bankruptcy At The Time Of Her Death


Bankruptcy At The Time Of Her Death

A Legal Poem Of Futility


Jon Presco

Copyright 2016

Since the death of my once famous sister, THE DECEDENT,  in 1994, I have read a lot of legal jargon, and tried to imitate it in my letters to lawyers and judges. Who is this stuff written for? Allegedly The People., but, a lone Judge was the recipient of this futile masterpiece. This haunting piece of paper was filed in the Superior Court of Monterey. Her name is not given. She is addressed as ‘The Decendant’ . We are reminded she is dead a dozen times or more. It doesn’t matter that she was once a world famous woman artist. She gets what everyone gets in a court of law – that has nothing to do with Justice! One is brought low, humbled, most of the time. There are winners and losers on a level few can grasp. This is why we have to pay good money to those who can. 

This is why the gods on high fashioned a very intricate labyrinth in order to keep lawyers and poets, apart! When perchance they meet, their muses really go at it. No prisoners are taken. This, separation is the Yin and Yang of, the driving engine of, all civilizations. Heere, alas, the secret is out! Lawyers hate poetry, and vise versa! I alone dare mix their visions and vexations!

This numbered piece of paper, is so grim, I decided to turn it into a poem that will render Christine Rosamond a Poor Bohemian Artist. Her commercial success – was overnight! She dealt in big checks for twenty-two years. She was loved by all. All the players mentioned, continued to try and make money out of  the darkness. To this end, Rosamond put pinholes in her walls – just before she drowned. She was financially over her head.

I dedicate this poem to struggling artists everywhere. Especially my dear friend, Amy Oles. The 120th. anniversary of Puccini’s opera, La Boeme, was just celebrated. Here is the first installment of my grim poetic pickens, in time for Halloween. 



At the time of her death

her finances were in great disarray



Upon investigating

descendants finances,

Respondent learned

he learned

he learned

that she had been living off

of loans

off of

off of loans

from friends

and business acquaintances

for years

For years her life

was in disarray

Tell us of her home

her home

what about her home?


The descendants home

was in foreclosure


the total amount of

the liens against the property

exceeded its value

unnamed valued friends

and business acquaitneces

just couldn’t bring themselves

to walk away.


the descendants home

was used as a studio

a studio

off of loans

from her family

and friends

The floors and walls

were in terrible condition


it appeared the descendant

the dead artist

had used the walls – the walls

as painting surfaces

she did – she did

painted on her walls

pinholes and paint splotches

were everywhere

I mean everywhere

the home was in foreclosure

in distress.

Her acquaintances can attest

this artist was under duress




Pinholes – everywhere

and paint splotches

were everywhere

painting surfaces


splotches of paint.

For a time

it appears

the ARTIST had a ball

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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