Squeezing Blood From Veterans


Welles Fargo has been putting the squeeze on Veterans. They greet them at the door with a smile, then, open their veins and let their blood transfer into their blood-sucker bank account at the main office. This is an Evil Transfer from Hell. Why are Christians voting for Trump, a wealthy tycoon who stiffs workers – and pays no taxes, saying;

“I was smart!”

Trump’s trainers say he is un-trainable, and thus he lost the debate. They say he has a short attention span, and, can’t learn when to keep his mouth shut. Trump never served his country, never went thru basic training, where you learn to keep your mouth shut, follow instructions – and wipe that smirk off your face! How can this smart-ass be Commander in Chief?

Bank Chiefs are unteachable. As soon as they close for the day, they go rushing into the backroom to count the drops of blood they squeezed out of us! If our Nation’s enemies did this to us, we would demand retribution – pay back!



Trump says he will build a Great Wall and put illegal Latinos on the other side of it, but, Trump paid one of his bloodsuckers to go behind the Cuban Wall and look for a way for Trump & Children to make money off gambling casinos in Cuba. Trump wants to be the New York Godfather with beautiful women hanging on him at the roulette table. How can Christians vote for this Satan-like international gangster who admires a Commie, the ex-head of the KGB? Evangelicals have gone insane! Trump is not James Bond. He is Meyer Lansky whose brood want to be compensated for loss of their hotel in Cuba. I want to know how Trump’s father felt about the assassination of JFK. Did Trump take a tax write-off on the $68,000 dollar he paid his secret agent? Trump is playing – God! Any Christian who votes for him will not be going to heaven! And, that is a fact – Jack!

No Catholic should vote for Trump! Welles Fargo has become an Evil Casino where the tables are rigged, where the dealers deal off the bottom of the deck!  Pope Francis, is livid!

Jon Presco


In a development that could cost Donald Trump crucial Cuban-American votes, his casino company once violated the U.S. embargo of Cuba by secretly funding a business foray on the communist island, Newsweek reported this morning.

Trump’s casino company “funneled” at least $68,000 in late 1998 to a consulting firm that traveled to the island in search of business opportunities on Trump’s behalf, Newsweek reported in its cover story called “The Castro Connection.” The article alleges the consultant then billed Trump’s company and instructed his employees on how to make it look as if the trip had been connected to a Catholic charity.

Hillary Clinton’s pounced on the Newsweek report.

Trump’s business with Cuba appears to have broken the law, flouted U.S. foreign policy, and is in complete contradiction to Trump’s own repeated, public statements that he had been offered opportunities to invest in Cuba but passed them up,” Clinton campaign senior adviser Jake Sullivan said in a statement. “This latest report shows once again that Trump will always put his own business interest ahead of the national interest — and has no trouble lying about it.”

Trump’s campaign has not commented since Wednesday night, when the allegations first surfaced. But his former presidential rival and current political ally, Sen. Marco Rubio, expressed misgivings about the claims.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/states/florida/story/2016/09/report-trump-violated-cuba-embargo-105927#ixzz4Lfcw8MnB 



Wells Fargo & Co., reeling from weeks of pummeling over fraudulent customer accounts, is now facing a Justice Department sanction over improperly repossessing cars owned by members of the military, according to two people with knowledge of the investigation.

Federal prosecutors and the bank’s regulator, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, are planning to punish the San Francisco-based lender for alleged violations of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, said the people, who asked not to be named because the investigation isn’t public. A penalty of as much as $20 million is expected from the OCC, one of the people said. That’s an unusually large fine for abuse of this law, which in most cases requires that firms obtain court orders before seizing vehicles from soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who are delinquent on their loans.

These enforcement actions against the bank follow a $185 million settlement in which employees of the firm opened more than two million accounts that customers may not have been aware of with the aim of meeting internal sales targets. The matter has sparked weeks of sharp criticism, congressional hearings and the forfeit of tens of millions in bonuses for top executives.

 Catherine Pulley, a spokeswoman for Wells Fargo, declined to comment on the auto lending settlement, as did spokesmen for the OCC and Justice Department.

Shielding soldiers from financial stress has been a priority for lawmakers, and the Justice Department has recently stepped up enforcement actions against banks for taking assets illegally. Banco Santander SA’s U.S. unit agreed to pay $9 million last year over allegations that it improperly confiscated more than 1,000 vehicles from military members, the largest settlement ever obtained in a case involving repossessions of automobiles with delinquent loans.

Military Bases

Wells Fargo — which was the world’s most valuable bank before the account scandal hurt its stock price — has branches on eight U.S. military bases, include Fort Bliss in Texas, Georgia’s Fort Benning, Fort Dix in New Jersey and Hill Air Force Base in Utah. On its website, the bank says it has “a history of making banking easier for our servicemen and servicewomen.”

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