Attack Upon the Bardo Museum

Isaac Hull, the Captain of the Constitution married a Hart.

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This morning I learned the Bardo Museum was once the home of the Beys, the Sultans of the Caliphate. When the Bey of Algiers struck the king’s diplomat with a fly-swatter,  King Charles sent Virginia’s ancestor to take Algiers. My great grandfather sailed the U.S. Enterprise to Tripoli to do battle with the Bey there, who lived in the Bardo Museum.  Throughout this blog you will read my declarations where I say I am the anointed Champion of Art. The Roza Mira prophecy is in play.

It is alleged de Bourmont’s invasion of Algiers was motivated by the Bourbon Restoration. How strange to behold the story of Opal Whiteley. But, what is truly exciting is the discovery of Article Eleven, that is a signed Declaration that claims the United States is a Secular Democracy, and not a Christian nation. Alas, I have the ammunition to defeat the Christian-right and…

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