LaVoy’s High Noon End Time

My favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut. His book ‘The Breakfast of Champions’ altered my mind. For two years this blog has been advertising the greatest Art Happening of All Time, the second Mid City Arts Festival. Pynchon is invited because he is my favorite – living writer. We share the same muse. I am coming in disguise. I might be Kilgore Trout, or, Mr. Rosewater. The Bundy Bunch went on trial a week ago.

Greg Presco: Finding herself stuck between two droll and dusty bookends, two avant guard writers who expect at least one avant absurd poem from her, Lucia finds her breakout moment when she meets Antonin Artaud at the Moulin Rouge. Back at his garret they do mescaline together, in the form of Peyote buds Antonin has brought back from his trip to the States where he witnessed the Ghost Dance. Teaching her some of the moves, Lucia goes into a trance and into the future. In her vision quest she finds herself on the dance floor of the Fillmore West gyrating to the Grateful Dead. The first Dead Head is born!”
You just read a truly psychedelic blog where Kurt Vonnegut was drafted into the Acid Army in order to take over the world and the universe, and, he barely got out of that board meeting with his life, so thick was the marijuana smoke.

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On December 30th. I posted the following on Stefan Ein’s FB. He was going to have another party at his show. I wanted to be there. I was seeing signs of my impending death, and wondered if we were all going to die. After talking to my friend Amy Sargent on the phone for about an hour, she called me right back and told me her broken clock started working – and it chimed. It chimed again a couple of minutes later at 5:22. Tow days later the Bundy Brothers came to Oregon and began their ‘Freedom Revolution’ after they declared the United States Government – DEAD! Play both videos ant the same time.

My Armageddon Vision began on June 30, 2014 when I discovered a video of my ex-wife’s lost art. She had rendered nuclear holocaust images – as did Amy in her last painting. I will send…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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