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I blogged on the murals a year ago. Two days ago I discovered Pynchon was a Godzilla Freak. I presented my Godzilla Run idea to Neil who is seen here playing in the cement with Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa, who invited Pynchon to a cultural event in Springfield. Neil is ignoring me, he counting his lucky stars and resting on his laurels.

My Springfield will be to fictional location of my second annual Mid City Art Festival and Godzilla Run. There will be ten males wearing a paper bag over their head to keep the Pynchon Spotters, guessing. I am the only legitimate connection to Kesey, Springfield, and Pynchon. I live in Springfield Oregon. Mary Ann was married to David Seidler, perhaps there a pattern here that Pynchon detectives need to delve deeper into.

“Hippybear: “Pynchon has been a guest voice on The Simpsons at least twice.”

Groening made this claim during an interview I did with him in 1989, six weeks before the first episode of the Simpsons aired. He didn’t say he knew Pynchon, only that he’d met him. Maybe they’re mates now. Who knows?

Ever since the appearance of Thomas Pynchon’s epic, mind-bending Gravity’s Rainbow (1973), rumors have circulated among the faithful that the elusive author was working on two new projects: a novel about Japanese monster movies and one dealing with the 18th century drawing of the Mason-Dixon line between the (then) colonies of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Fragments of a Godzilla-like episode indeed appeared in Pynchon’s Vineland (1990), and now here comes a real monster: Mason & Dixon.

Here are the emails I sent to Neil and Sarah a week before Marilyn Reed sent me her ‘Dear John’ letter. Neil is the City Planner of Springfield who is responsible for the Kesey Mural. Judd is the director of Willmalane.

John Ambrose

Sarah Judd
Jul 31 at 8:24 AM

“All’s well that ends well!”


Krysta Albert – Racist Republican

John Ambrose

Jul 31 at 8:23 AM

“All’s well, that ends well!”


Krysta Albert – Racist Republican

John Ambrose

Sarah Judd
Jul 23 at 9:10 AM

John Ambrose

Jul 22 at 10:04 PM

O.K. Niel, I was holding my big gun back, but, timing is everything. It’s time to seize the day and bring the ‘Godzilla Run’ to Springfield. Their juggernaut in dead in the water. Tow years ago I had a fight with Krystal Albert over the Belle Incident that just  shut down Memoirs #10428 at the Senior Center. We have to turn and face the monster, eventually. But for now……..RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!
The Godzilla Festival

Springfield’s city committee has chosen the artists who will be transforming the west side of the Emerald Arts building into a mural, honoring the longest-running scripted T.V. show, the Simpsons.

The firm Old City Artists was chosen from among eight other groups hoping to paint the city’s newest mural depicting the Simpsons. Springfield city spokesman Neil Laudati explains how the finalists stood out among the rest.

Laudati: “What was interesting about Erik and the Old City Artists is just the incredible quality of their work in recreating very well-known, trademarked images.”

This accuracy is important to Springfield city officials. They’re contracted with Fox to make the mural an exact replica of the provided image.

Laudati doesn’t want to ruin the surprise but he did give away a few details of what the painting of the Simpsons family will look like.

Laudati: “When you look at the family it’s very northwest. It’s very Springfield. The atmosphere is very Oregon and you’re going to know when you see it. It’s like, okay, that’s not just a Springfield, that’s Springfield, Oregon.”

The OCA will begin painting at the end of August and the mural is expected to be completed by September 10.

Rosamond Press


oh1.tif oh1.tif


The $28,000 project will be painted by Old City Artists of Los Angeles.

I considered getting involved in preventing the Ken Kesey mural from being a disaster, but, I give up.

Seven years ago, I used to belong to the Emerald Art Association, but, got put out on a rail when I suggested the City of Springfield create the Carpenter Ant Queen who would challenge the Slug Queen to a tug of war with a big rope stretched cross the Mill Race. The conservative EA was considering entererng the Eugene Celebration Parade. I had the wood ants wearing Dali masks. I had a song and dance number ‘Hello Dali’.

The Slug Queen Coronation is this evening. I will be attending the Second Friday Art Walk in Springfield, that could be having their seventh annual Ant Queen Coronation tonight.

Krysta Albert saw the rehashed version of this idea…

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