The Eugene Inquisition

I highly suspect Alley Valkyrie and others threatened Belle Burch, told her she better not resolve the conflict that arose over her feeding a Jute Box dollars to get her MUSic  heard, first. Belle had fallen under the influence of poor muses who bid her to write bad poetry – that got her into trouble! She was a bad poet in her last life – and this! I have done my best to improve her conscious contact with her muse, who claims to be blameless. Never the less,  Belle’s poem has destroyed Eugene, and put an end to my fifty-five year friendship with Marilyn. The Choir Lady should have stayed out of it. She should have minded her own business, tended to her own muse.

In my story about the Dutch Renaissance that is being encircled by the Inquisition, Gottschalk Rosemondt is trying to keep the Great Erasmus out of the fray so he can continue his revelations about the Greek Classics. His son, Rolf Rosemondt, has fallen in love with Eutrophia de Roover ‘The Grand Poetress of  Brabant. Her father is furious because she has fallen in with the wrong crowd, and under the influence the Count of Rixtel, who is giving the youth of Holland magic mushrooms to render them better poets.

“All our children want to be poets! What’s going on?”

Eutrophas father, Gerlach, got wind of this Muse Movement when rumors began to fly that Eutrophia had posed for the dirty old pervert, Hieronymus Bosch, who used his daughter all through that disgusting painting ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ . This beautiful teenager posed for four images, the most offensive, the young women kneeling while her lover puts roses up her ass.  This image kept Gerlach up at night, he concerned about the thorns.

If it were not for the fact Bosch had included several Roovers in his Wedding at Cana, then Gerlach might be able to sick the Inquisition on this devil who obsesses over pretty young women in their late teens. They are everywhere! Gerlach has convinced himself that his daughter is not poised to receive cunnilingus. The suspense was killing everyone!

But the real talk of the town, is, Eutrophia seduced Rolf Rosemondt of Wolfswinkel House, who was destined for the church, and posed for Adam against his will while in a drug stooper. Eutrophia, the blonde Eve, had put something in his apple cider.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016


“I had written to the rector of the university to protest against the
attacks made on me by Egmondamus in the pulpit and he wrote back
that if I was prepared to listen in person while he did his tale
unfold, we might perhaps come to some agreement. I replied that I
had no objection, though well aware that no lasting good would come
of it. So we met, and the rector took the chair, with me on the
right and Egmondamus on the left. This arrangement was not without
point. He knew Egmondamu’s temperament, and of me he had quite the
wrong idea: he thought I was capable of losing my temper. So he sat
between us, to keep the combatants apart. There upon the rector
opened the subject in a few words, and then, with a countenance of
wonderful and comical gravity Egmondanus began: `I have spoken ill
of no man in my sermon. If Erasmus thinks he has suffered an injury,
let him declare it, and I will answer him.’I asked him whether there
could be a more atrocious injury that to traduce an innocent man in
a public sermon with a string of lies. That roused him at once;
dropping the mask he assumed, and almost purple in the face (his
face was red already, for it was after dinner), `And why, pray, says
he. `do you traduce me in your religious books, `I replied, `your
name is never mentioned.’ Nor has your,’ he retorted, `ever been
uttered in my sermons.’”

Gerlach de Roovere, Knight, Lord of Waalwijk, Drunen, Vlijmen, “Honsoirde” (Onsenoort) Rixtel, Someren, Lierop and Wets. According to a manuscript of the genealogy of 1266 is Gerlach Arnold Son de Roovere (genus of Red) married Oda, daughter of Jan van Megen. One of their many children was Willem de Roovere.
The Brabantse noble genera that the 3 are all descendants of the mill irons, counts of Red. These old genera are named after the name of villages, Hamlets, neighbourhoods or estates under the old Taxandrie such as Asdonck, Stackenburgh, Van der van Vlierden, van Lierop, of Vladeracken, of, of, of Hove, Hersel, Breugel of Wette, Rinckveld, van Lieshout, of IJllingen, of veenhuizen, van den, van Wolfswinkel, Bolck of Broekhoven. But also Straeten, Kuysten, van Loon, of Orthen, van Mierlo, at Heerenhoven, of the fields, van den Heuvel and to d Boirschot.

The famous science fiction writer, Daemon Knight wrote a small book 
about Hieronymus Bosch’s painting of the Wedding at Cana, and 
suggests there is a secret order behind the scenes. Are any of the 
modern day men seen at this wedding members of the Roover-Roesmond 
family who were members of the Zwanenbroeders

Dr. E.B. Strenda also sees a connection with the Swan Brother, the 
Knight Templars, the Holy Grail, and Guillaume of Orange who crowned 
Charlamagne. The emblem of the Zwanenbroaders who exist this very 
day, and greeted Queen Beatrix app

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