Destroying Republican Party

My enemies and ex-friends are saying I am insane, and thus they do not want to be associated with me in any manner. I saw the end of party founded by my kindred when no one else did.

Rosamond Press


For fifteen years this blog has been saying the Republican Party is being destroyed. Did I use Augury to deduce this? Am I insane? No! I just stuck my neck out and said this was coming.

The showdown between Trump and Uncle Samaclaus has arrived. In theory I have way more money than Trump, and love to give it away because I am a Socialist like Bernie Sanders whom I am now working to put in the White House.

Like many rich people, Trump brags about people wanting him to give him some of his money. Many stupid and poor people believe Trump will give them some money if they vote for him. Instead, Trump will build a trillion dollar wall in order to keep poor people from coming to America and getting some of Uncle Samaclause’s goodness. The Republican party under George Bush spent two trillion dollars forcing ARMED…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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