Robin – Pan – Baphomet

My Great Muse was showing me what I had gathered and stored in this blog that Marilyn Reed and Kathy Vrzak do not want to be associated with. They shame me in their message. They use the false alligations I am stalking Belle to throw a monkey wrench in my professional production. They let my enemies know they are not on my side, and are on their side. Outrageous! They stabbed me in the back. My Muse came to my aid – and healed me! Who is she?

Rosamond Press

pan100pan44pan77pan88pan99This morning I found a program wherein Floris Rosemondt comes upon the artist, Bosch, and beholds his art work. Just before this meeting, Floris von Rosenmund and his Indian sidekick, are looking through an illustrated book of fantastic creatures. Was the infamous Baphomet within? Did Bosh come across this creature that is asociated with the Templars and the Masonic Guild?

The name of that episode is ‘Hairy Devil’.

The Rosemondts and Bosch were members of the Swan Brethren, a Guild in Holland. My mother, Rosemary, and her sister, Lilian (two flower names) dated Errol Flynn who played Robin Hood a character compared to Robin Goodfellow, who is compared to Pan and Puck. Floris Rosenmund is a Robin Hood character.

I also found a Niclaus Rosenmund, who was the Master of the Weavers Guild of Basel in 1643. This is the third guild the Rosamond family belonged to. The Gerbenzunft is…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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