The Prophet of Florence

I will be letting Eric Richardson know about my connection to the Founder of the NAACP – as well as the main headquarters! Here is Kathy Vzrar excluding white people.” We strive to bring about unity among various racial and ethnic constituents of our community through the performance of African – American Gospel Music,”
Here is Mary White Ovington, a co-founder of the NAACP. She was inspired by William Morris and Jack London, who were socialists.  Both these men had connections to the to the Pre-Raphaelites, as did Joaquin Miller. I declared myself a New Pre-Raphaelite in 1969 in order to express my spiritual awaking and bond with Avatar, Meher Baba.  I told Eric Richardson about them, and suggested we have a public talk. I posted them on Marilyn and Kathy’s facebook, and talked to Jerry Vrzar about the Turners. When Marilyn told me about the Hult show, I asked her if I could get on stage and talk about the Turners and Forty-Eighters who were Socialists who fled Europe. None of these people were happy with me, because, it negates their theory, being, Black Slaves became free via singing gospel music – and dancing!
This is not true. The German Socialists joined the Union Army – and killed white folks in order to set slaves free.  What does the Socialist-based NAACP have to do with Gospel Music that has its roots in the Christian church? For Kathy and Marilyn to reject my input, and accept Eric’s input, and help in promoting the Inspirational Sounds Gospel Choir’s -NOW VAGUE AGENDA – is beyond being hypocritical, and beyond being reverse discrimination.  Black People, and their plight, is being EXPLOITED by a group of ambitious wanna-bes, who are violating my Rights, my Freedom of Religions\, and my Freedom of the Press. 
I will post every photograph i ever took, and every video i took, of this CULT! We are dealing with a cult that did try to isolate me, silence me, and segregrate me from their closed circle of friends.
Jon Presco
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Jul 17 at 11:51 AM

I composed this with Ben Toney, and the Sinclair family in mind. My friend, Robert Sinclair, has come under attack for being the messenger of a great debauchery and scandal. Perhaps you heard, the Wicked Witch of the North has launched her flying monkeys at me again? But, do not despair. At the end of the Monkey Ark in the Sky – is a smashing good movie! I just put Springfield on the map in regards to famous genealogies – that Dan Brown glommed onto. Just follow the flying monkeys!

John Presco

‘Modern Day Desperate Romantics’

Influenced by the ideas of William Morris, Ovington joined the Socialist Party of America in 1905, where she met people including A. Philip Randolph, Floyd Dell, Max Eastman and Jack London, who argued that racial problems were as much a matter of class as of race.

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Kincaid Street

Originally named Osburn Street, the name change happened in 1913 and was done to honor Harrison R. Kincaid. Kincaid came to Oregon in 1853, attended Eugene’s short-lived Columbia College and became editor of Eugene’s ”Oregon State Journal” newspaper in 1864, a position he held for many years.

Elizabeth Maude “Lischen” or “Lizzie” Cogswell married George Miller. Lizzie was the foremost literary woman in Oregon. On Feb. 6, 1897, Idaho Cogswell, married Feb. 6, 1897, Ira L. Campbell, who was editor, publisher and co-owner (with his brother John) of the Daily Eugene Guard newspaper. The Campbell Center is named after Ira.

The Wedding of John Cogswell to Mary Frances Gay, was the first recorded in Lane County where I registered my newspaper, Royal Rosamond Press. Idaho Campbell was a charter member of the Fortnightly Club that raised funds for the first Eugene Library.

George Melvin Miller was a frequent…

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