Jesus Was a Patriot

Obama did not prepare the way for the Anti-Christ as many lunatic evangelical leaders claim. These End Timers deny our black president his right to appoint a Supreme Court Justice.

Rosamond Press


Jesus founded a Democracy and led a Tax Rebellion. He also restored the Jubilee. Jesus was an Abolitionist. A great grandson of slave owners in South Carolina was led by God to discover this truth. The long argument is over as to who owns America. I am the Go’el Redeemer of Jesus. God has given me…….The Deed!


My ancestor, Patriot Samuel Rosamond, bought two homes on Bay Street in Charleston in 1786. This makes us one of the Southern Gentry, we making one of the earliest real estate deals as a Free Nation. That Confederate flag – belongs to me! Surrender it!

Above is a photograph of Dottie Witherspoon and myself. I saved her in Boston after winning my legal battle with the Mafia for a building on Beacon Hill built in 1797.

Jon Presco ‘The Nazarite’

Before the zealots burned Sephoris in 66 C.E., “their first…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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