Wide Awakes and the Turners

Four of my grandfathers were Forty-Eighters from Germany. These revolutionaries picked up guns and fought the Confederate slave owners, in order to end slavery in America. Black slaves did not own guns. What was the penalty if they were caught with one? White foreigners pointed their rifles at other white men, and shot them dead. They went into the south and pointed their rifles at the defeated Traitors, and forced them allow freed slaves to vote. White men with guns, wanted to capture all the Confederate brass that fled to Mexico, and bring them to trial. White men with guns put guns in the hands of freed slaves, and they pointed these guns at white slave owners, and shot them dead.

Rosamond Press


On May 1st. I attended ‘An African American Music Heritage Showcase’ at the Hult Center.


“Eric Richardson, chairman of the Eugene-Springfield chapter of the NAACP, will be the master of ceremonies, with appearances by Habib Iddrisu and Friends of the UO School of Music and Dance, praise dancer Shakela Fortson, Stone Cold Jazz, and God in Charge, a Portland children’s gospel rap group.”

At the anniversary show of Inspirational Sounds Gospel Choir, I approached Eric and told him my kinfolk were Turnverien and Radical Republicans, and, should be included in some of the lectures he gives on Black History. I asked my friend, Marilyn Reed, if I could speak at the show she was co-producing. She was overwhelmed as it was. She helped produce a fantastic show – that claims it is all inclusive! I had helped produce a Hello to Obama show in 2008. Stone Cold Jazz played. My…

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