The Nine Judges of Rozemont

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The great minds of Europe and America are now focused on the Russian leader. What is he up to? What does he want? For fifteen years I have been putting together ‘The Rose of the World’. Putin and the EU are having a cultural battle. The U.S. has anti upped! Game on!rose-mont





Here is the record of laws passed in Rougemont, called, Rozemont, when the Habsburgs d’Autriche came to live in Rougemont Castle and rule the Alsace. In this document we find the mention of a Sergeant, who is like a Sheriff who carried out the rulings of the nine judges of Rozemont.

Jon Presco

Lachapelle under Chaux which is aujourd?hui l?une more significant
communes of the Canton of Giromagny was in Xè century a small hamlet
provided d?une Chapelle and dependent on the Commune with Lime.
This small vault for a long time disappeared and of splendid harvests

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