Queen Mother of Europe

La Belle Rougemont

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Jeanne de Rougemont/Rosemont, is the Queen Mother of most European Queens. She is the ‘Rose of the World’ that is on the verge of war with Tzar Putin of the ‘Night Wolves’. Jeanne (John) is at the apex of European Culture. She is the Divine Feminine. Denis de Rougemont, the co-founder of the European Union, may be her kin, as well as my kin.

Jon the Nazarite

Lordship of the Rosemont

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Ruins of the castle of the Rosemont
47 ° 45′ 41″ N 6 ° 51′ 47″ E
The Lordship of Rosemont (German Rosenfels) was a stronghold whose capital was, from its origin, located in the castle of the Rosemont, which can still…

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