The Rosemont Tower of the Beauties

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“The oldest part of the castle is a tower, the “Tower of the Eight

“In 1914, the new owner of the castle, Duke Pierre de Rosemont, felt
the time was ripe for a new enterprise. After breaking down the wall
that Anne de Beaujeu had built, the Duke opened the entrance to the
underground caverns.”

Consider the Sleeping Beauty Princess named Rosamond.

One could conclude the Priory de Sion is trying to control all the art and artists of the world as a way to finance their One Rosy World Order.

Jon the Nazarite


The first organised search of the treasure trove left by de Beaujeu
was organised by one of his descendants, Anne de Beaujeu. She talked
about “very old documents that testified about the presence of a
major and historical depot”. The men entering the underground network
of tunnels were decimated by traps…

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