Emasculating The Peace Movement

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greg20197522mm999Above is a photo taken at the march against the war in Vietnam that I took part in. It took around three hours for a million people to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue – twenty abreast. Many Vietnam Vets took part in this protest. There was a Draft.

Above is a photo of my Daughter, Heather Hanson, my grandson, Tyler Hunt, and Heather’s lover, Bill Cornwell. When I met Bill in Bullhead City, his father had already cut off my balls, he convincing my daughter that I was less than a man because I did not go to Vietnam like he did, did not bust Hippy balls like he did when he was a cop, and, am a PARASITE because I am on SSI – and not a Tea Party Patriot like he is! The Cornwells got three balls apiece, and half a mind! Hitler loved these kind of guys!


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