Faux Moon Lineage

Prince died like Michael Jackson, who was a good friend of my kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. Prince had no friends due to everyone wanting a piece of him. Trump posed as his own best friend, John Barron ‘The Destroyer of Art’ who may be our next President. Very strange! Trump would have used these works of art in his new building, but, they would be monuments to his refusal to turn them over to a famous museum. So he destroyed them. Trump is creating a Glossy Caliphate, a magazine that promotes him as a Living God – like Caligula!  https://rosamondpress.com/2014/10/25/michael-jackson-a-closeted-artist-2/

Rosamond Press


The new promoter of Bijan claims he inherited his artistic blood from his ancestors who were poets in the court of the Shahs of Persia. I highly doubt that.

Here is the lineage of Philip Boileau who is kin to Christine Rosamond Benton. She died not knowing about ‘The Painter of Fair Women’. The two faux biographers did not know about Philip and 99% of the information in this blog that I spent thousands of hours compiling without getting one red cent for my arduous efforts. I put together a real Family Art Dynasty!

Over ten years ago I made an offer the Marilyn Reed where she would design the Royal Rosamond line of clothing and fashion design. I am kin to Elizabeth Rosamond Taylor ‘The Queen of Fashion’. Liz is kin to Boileau. Her uncle was a world class art collector as was Liz. Liz encouraged Michael Jackson to take…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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