John Fremont First to Emancipate Slaves

I tried to save the cottage Ken Kesey lived in when he went to the University of Oregon. I made calls and got a runaround. I had so much on my plate. I thought about finding a student who could help me. Maybe Stave at the New Zone gallery knew of someone. I was on my way there, when I saw a crowd in Ken Kesey Square. I entered with my camera going.

Rosamond Press

John Fremont authored a proclamation that set free the slaves of Missouri and drew a line in the sand against the slave masters who authored the runaway slave act.

As I foretold, religious men are holding a tribunal over contraception, they not allowing a woman to testify. There are no women being heard. However, Sarah Palin’s voice rings out, and like Michelle Bachman, they overlook the Fremonts, and point to our Founding Fathers as the ones whose dream is allegedly being trampled on.

When Jessie declared her support of the Abolitionists, her close kindred in the South stopped communicating with her. They snubbed her for the rest of her life. A woman of courage has not been found amongst the Republicans – hence!

It was no mistake that my rejection by my minister led me to discover the Shembe Nazarite.
This alleged man of God said this on a sunny…

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