The New Ring Legend

I believe Belle went along with Alley’s plan to destroy me because she was the breach in their covert plan to take over and keep Ken Kesey Square. There were lawyers behind this. Belle was afraid of Alley.

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At the Wandering Goat I told Belle I am in line to author the next Ring Story. Since we met at Kesey Square, I believe Alley Valkyrie poisoned Belle’s mind with her vile view of the world as a supreme victim. This, thing, that spew out evil slander and threats, is a real witch, who has designs on Ambrose. She convinced Belle being beautiful was wrong. This creature, after bidding Belle to get arrested with her, convinced Belle a woman should be full of cunning and guile. Every good story needs a worthy villain. Valkyrie stepped forth from the dark shadow she was lurking in. She wanted to take control of this blog.

My father’s father was Victor Hugo Presco. He was a professional gambler in the Barbary Coast. When he died, five thousand people came to his funeral, including the Mayor of San Francisco. Rosemary told her children our…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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