Finnegan – Wakes the Dead!

What I suggested on Gwendolyn’s group was a Labyrinth Walk in Kesey Square. This is when she banned me after sicking her goon, Osun, on me.

“Here I am!”
The Phantom of the Opera is my favorite movie. The Angel-Muse of Music was subjected to emotional and physical cruelty that as a Phoenix Bird he attempts to rise above. When I saw this movie, I wondered what was in a name Christine and Christensen. I inspired two women with Christ in their name, and they rendered images of beautiful women reciting poetry, and giving unto the world……….a rose!

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luciaIn looking for a photo of James Joyce, I came upon a Rock Opera by Los Doggies based upon Finnigen’s Wake.

“He who laughs last, laughs best!”


The Wake naturally lends itself to a musical translation with its jabberwocky prose of multilingual puns and portmanteau words. It’s a twilight book, so it’s gonna need a twilight soundtrack.
Here is the ‘thunderword’ from page 1.
Thunderword. Pg.1
This thunderword contains the word for thunder in a dozen different languages. The musical translation follows some of the letter cues. The bass riff begins with the notes “B A B A D A G A” as in “Bababadalgharagh”.

Los Doggies envisions Finnegans Wake as a Rock Opera. Mátyás Seiber, Hungarian composer, wrote two (sadly, unrecorded) pieces taking Joyce as inspiration: “Ulysses” (based on the “Ithaca” episode) and “Three Fragments from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”…

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