The Missing Mural

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With the unveiling of the Kesey mural in downtown Springfield, THE KESEY FAMILY has entered the ART WORLD, and thus are subject to GREAT SCUTINITY. You can say, Ken Kesey does not have the homefield advantage, anymore, because he is dead, and no member of his family is a citizen of Springfield. I am a citizen of Springfield. Much is being done in my name. Any literary or artistic maneuvering, is coming from the Kesey Children, and…………?  One can say they or the psychedelic Priory de Sion. You don’t want to cross them. I get it that we all got old, and started families, but, not all of the old hippies became famous authors, or, famous anything. Is this mural a closure of some kind?

“Turn out the lights, the parties over!”

I could not help but step on Kesey toes, because on 4th. and Main, there stands a LITERARY GIANT –…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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