Robert Miles – Vietnam Vet

We were a great soap opera until Sydney Morris came along. He and Stacey would take lunch, strut about Carmel and the Rosamond gallery acting like big-shot artists and writers. I had my mother call the Pretender, and Morris told Rosemary they had just finishing Christine’s house except for a big box of family photos. “Do you want them?” Morris asked. “Of course I want them!” This is they guy that fucked-over the Brett Weston estate.

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Robert W. Miles is my father-in-law. He is five months younger then me. He met my mother in a bar in Reseda California, and then, left for Vietnam. He told Rosemary if he survived, he would marry her. I do not know the date of their marriage.

At my wedding reception, Robert got into a discussion with Tim O’Connor, the son of a famous actor of the same name. He told Tim about the horrific things he and his platoon did to produce a body-count, they coming to understand that is why they are there for, and that was what was expected of them. Robert was very volatile, and suffered from PTSD. My wife was friends of the Mimi Baez, Joan’s sister. I was very anti-war.

Rosemary and Robert smoked pot, and owned two white doves.Robert loved Rosemary’s grandchildren, and took them camping. Robert was born in Luzerne Pennsylvania a…

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