In Like Clint

An hour ago, while surfing channels, I saw on the Entertainment channel ‘Mrs. Eastwood and Company’. I was floored as I watched a famous photographer fighting with his Muse, who is Clint’s daughter from a previous marriage, named Francesca, a name that appears on page 30. I am then watching the maid push a giant turtle around in the Eastwood home in Pebble Beach where the Benton’s lived, and their daughters, Jessica, Shannon, and Drew. There is talk about fifteen year old Morgan getting pregnant if her mother, Dina Eastwood, allows her to throw a a crazy drinking party. Consider the famous fashion photographer, Stephen Silverstein who did of a study of Marilyn in Malibu, and Rena, my Muse. Before my eyes Rosamond Women were everywhere!

Rosamond Press

Our President said he is a huge Eastwood fan, and is not offended by the Republican Soap Opera Series Docu-drama puppet show that put “go fuck yourself” in the party founded by my kindred, John Fremont, who was a good friend of Kit Carson, and other real cowboys.

On June 12, 2012 I made several posts on the real Oakland Bad Boys, and the series ‘Mrs. Eastwood’. The Romney famiy is doing ‘Fresno’ employing the Republican party in their rich folks should rule as a dynasty ditty. Obama has seen my friend Paul Drake who played Roach on Fresno, and Mick in Sudden Impact. When I caught Paul in bed with my girl, and told him to come outside and take his ass-whoopin like a man, twenty Oakland cops showed up to protect Drake from the wrath of Handsome Oakland Johnny.

Why is it this mad man can predict what…

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