Did Jane Eyre Meet Her Guru?

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emilyA lost manuscript has surfaced where Bronte has Jane Eyre traveling to India to meet her Guru after she ended her sordid affair with Rochester – so she would know enlightenment like some un-named British men. She reasoned that now that she was a poor beggar in the streets – why not go for Nirvana! What did she have to lose?

Meanwhile, back in Britannia, there is a tug-of-war over Jane Austen’s ring. Here is a prime example of life imitating art, where the Jane Austen look has been in every since Emily Blount did some serious feminine pouting in ‘The Jane Austen Book Club’. Why can’t Americans get some serious and sexy book stuff going? The book ‘Payton Place’ was like carrying around a bucket of hot coals.

I think I am that much closer to being declared a National Treasure with this ring thing.

The body language of…

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