Irene Westhaven will work as a decoder for the British.

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renap0004If Rena has been found, and she is lurking in the background reading my blogs, then she may be leery of speaking to me because I would ask her why she married an old man. This has puzzled me until this morning. Rena Victoria is a born exhibitionist who loved to be seen by men coming out of the water, like Venus, like Ursula Andress the archetypal Bond Girl.

Ian Easton was married five times. He must have had some advanced skills as a lover. Or, he knows how to tame them. Women are turned on by what other women are doing, especially beautiful women. There had to be competition with her beautiful sisters who modeled. They too are Bond Girls because they are Ian’s sister-in-law. Did Rena let her sisters get near her husband? The names of Bond Girls would fit right in to a Pynchon novel. Is Thomas…

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