The Birth of Venus

Two days ago I saw ‘The Lost Forty Days of Jesus’ and considered blogging on it and the riddles I have solved. I decided against it. Then I read this in my post last night.

“According to another version, Zeus decided to strike him with lightning knowing Orpheus would reveal the secrets of the Underworld to humans.”

There was a big gaffe in this show – Lazarus!

I suspect Lazarus is in truth, Mary Magdalene, and is why she received so much attention. It is Jesus who enters her tomb and bring her out as his Euydice. Jesus goes into Hades in some accounts, and thus is compared to Orpheus. Many Jews had become Helenized, and thus would be considered Lost Sheep, who would wonder about Mary as Eurydice.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015

Rosamond Press


beach21Sitting on the shore, watching my beloved Rena Victoria go into, and come out of the water, was my inspiration for ‘The Birth Of Venus’ that was written while I was living on the McKenzie River.

Several days later I recorded my story on tape. The next day Marilyn showed up with the latest Enya tape ‘The Celts’ that I spliced into my story. There is another half still to be told.


The Birth of Venus

Jon Presco
Copyright 1988

In the time before the coming of Man, before he learned to count the stars in the Heaven, and name the Seas that surrounded him, there was a morning star that danced in the deep blue sky at dawn’s first light. This was the time when wisdom and thoughts were not in man for he was not created yet. But there was whisperings in the inky night, and…

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