Modern Muse La Rouge


“According to the release, here is what you can expect from the more provocative scent: “A Fruity Floral Oriental scent, Modern Muse Le Rouge is a sexy contrast of rich roses awakened by ripe fruits with a velvet cream accord that captures the drama of this muse’s personality.

CAPTURES! What the hey! Do you have any idea what it costs to come up with these words? Was I googled? THE DRAMA OF THIS MUSE! I got your drama right here! It looks like this campaign came out in September. Consider the Red Baron and Sarah Moon, the man, who cranked out imitation Rosamonds. The Rouge Baron.


aaamoon55 aaamoon77 AAAROSE

“In the new TV spot for the cosmetic giant’s latest fragrance, Modern Muse le Rouge, the supermodel stuns in a sleek two-piece suit, which magically transforms from black to red after she spritzes on the fragrance. She also applies a scarlet lipstick (perhaps her very own shade?) as she walks the streets as Estée Lauder’s modern muse, who is described as bold, glamorous and confident.”

I do all the work, take all the risks, my daughter calls me insane and takes my grandson out of my life. In her screwed up world view, the only sane people are the Harpies who cash big fat checks at their Love Bank! I don’t got an office on Madison Avenue that comes with limo. I live in $700 a month. Imagine what I could do, and could have done, with just a smiggin of moral support from my family. Marilyn Reed has been in for corner for forty-five years!

A friend keeps telling me people are tuned into this blog and are robbing me blind. Here’s some real proof? Or, is more TELEMUSING? This is what I have been trying to set up for my family, for the Rosamond/Rougemont Legacy. But because I am not a famous millionaire, and am poor, I must be an old and dangerous pervert out to hurt women, even kill them.

Sydney Morris got the ball rolling in demonizing my family and I by allowing Stacey Pierriot to hire a ghost writer who says my family looted Rosamond de Rougemont’s home the day of the funeral. Were we willing to hurt, or kill anyone who got in our way? Why not!  Sydney and Stacey – who took lunch together – were too stupid to invent the world’s first Reality Show! I could have gotten a sex-change and come out as Rosamond de Rougemont the second – wearing my own special color!

Two days ago I tell my Muse, Marilyn, I have invented a new kind of book that employs the computer media and is not confined to the book’s cover. I just read this;

Jenner is a part of an emerging fashion movement which has been dubbed “Social Media Modeling” by Harper’s Bazaar magazine[4] .

Mind blowing! Dangerous Pros with ruby rouge lipstick, a new lipstick sold by a young woman who looks like a whore, shades of ‘Pretty Woman’ the slut in a red dress, working the millionaire. Mary Magdalene was a Scarlet Woman.

Here is Laura Roozemond.

Below is the P.S. in my letter I sent to my Muse, Rena Easton, that got the Sheriff on my ass for being a Stalker. The Ad company who came up with this got paid millions! I didn’t get a cent for my efforts, just more humiliation!

“Hey! I got a good idea. Let’s crucify the archetypal artist, poke him in the side with a spear, and see if any money pours out!”

BLOOD&SEX MONEY! Jesus Wore Red and a Crown of Rose Thorns.

“Modern Muse le Rouge, the supermodel stuns in a sleek two-piece suit, which magically transforms from black to red after she spritzes on the fragrance.”

Bruce Jenner boards the ‘Faggot Wagon’. Next stop – Watsonville!

“here is what you can expect from the more provocative scent: “A Fruity Floral Oriental scent”

Fruity Rouge Roses!

Jon Presco


Love them or hate them, the Kardashian/Jenner clan has this power to make products they endorse fly off the shelves! I have no doubt Modern Muse Le Rouge will sell out once it hits shelves in July.

According to the release, here is what you can expect from the more provocative scent: “A Fruity Floral Oriental scent, Modern Muse Le Rouge is a sexy contrast of rich roses awakened by ripe fruits with a velvet cream accord that captures the drama of this muse’s personality. The innovative “dual-impression” fragrance structure allows women to experience the fragrance through two contrasting accords: Ripened Roses Accord and Velvet Creme Accord.”

Check out her behind-the-scenes video below:

P.S.S. Rena, I can’t sleep. I am so excited! We were in our tent and I was telling you I was a great dancer when I was when I was 13 to seventeen years old. I used to dance in front of a big mirror a half hour before I went to school, and a half hour when I came home. I choreographed my own moves. I invented dancing without a partner at Oakland High School in 1962, when I was sixteen. Fifty of my schoolmates would surround me and my partner as I did a solo ten feet away from her. I would go into a trance. When Marilyn turned sixteen, I danced the Bolero for her with my shirt off. Lucky girl!
When I heard you had become a dancer, I was thrilled out of my whits because, this proves you were ‘The One’. You see, I have been jealous of the world since I met you. – before I met you, I was utterly jealous that we never got to dance together, that the world got to see you dance – on your beautiful stage. When did you get into dancing, and why?
When I was young, and before we met, I had a dream about you almost every day. You were my invisible dance partner. Was that our destiny that we missed? Was that the big chance of our lifetime? What a dance team we would have made. They would know us at the ‘The Kiss of Eternal Fire’, or ‘The Fiery Kiss of Eternity’
“They loved each other better afar, than near. And when they came together, they did the Fandango!”
We are playing with fire, Aries woman. Playing with fire! Right here – and so very far away!
I mean, my God, I read about your hip replacement, and we are in a movie, based upon a book, that I am writing, and……are we really going to spend the last days of our life together wondering how many eggs the chickens laid today!
I will take care of you when the needs arises.
And as for our dance – may I take your hand and lead you to the floor?

Over a year ago I began a painting of you. One night after I lie down to go to sleep, you lie down next to me. You were seventeen again. I jumped out of bed. For a month you appear by my side as I walked. When I went to a movie, I was not quite alone. I told my friends I have a very friendly – and beautiful ghost.

Under the EU ROse









Give me a hundred million dollars and a thousand dedicated people, and I will guarantee to generate such a wave of democratic unrest among the masses–yes, even among the soldiers–of Stalin’s own empire, that all his problems for a long period of time to come will be internal. I can find the people.  —  Sidney Hook, 1949

President Barack Obama, the European Union, and Rougemont Bankers, launched a Economic Cold war against Putin. Denis de Rougemont was titled ‘The Prince of European Culture’. He was at the first Bilderberg meeting, and is considered a co-founder of the European Union. Frederich the Great granted the Rougemonts of Neufchatel a title of old nobility when he came to this area in Switzerland.

Rougemont was the Director of Congress of Cultural Freedom that employed Writers and Artists against the Soviet Block. There is a creative subconscious that may have created a psychic force that brought many to a vortex that a core group created, and was like a psychic internet. The Roza Mira of Russian is sustained outside this Western Vortex, but, subliminal messages are being exchanged by what you might call Art Angels.

This question needs to be asked…..Was Thomas Pynchon recruited by the CIA? Pynchon’s ‘Under the Rose’ is a study in surrealism and espionage. Duchamps, Pynchon, and Rougemont, could have had some very interesting conversations on what makes the world tick.

If Mary Ann and Thomas were married, then he is kin to the artist Rosamond, the Bentons, and the Grand Master of the Swan Brethren who signed his name with the image of a rose. We are gathering in the rose garden on Alpenglow.

Jon Presco

The Rosemondts were Swan Brethren. Only members of the Dutch Royal Family can be members today. They wear a broach that depicts a closed rose with the word SICUT that is from the Torah.

2:2. As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.

Sicut lilium inter spinas sic amica mea inter filias

Godschalk Rosemondt appears to have been the Grand Master of the Swan Brthren because he signs his name with an image of the same rose, but fully open. I believe he represents the revived Merovingians of Toxandria. Is he Lowhengrin of the Grail? Did the Rosamond family go to Jerusalem in search of the secret of eternal life. Did they find it? Did they lose this secret I was destined to reborn?

Moon = Rosamon
Rose Selavy + Sara Moon
Posted on December 4, 2011 by Royal Rosamond Press

The really famous world artist, Marcel Duchamp, dressed in drag and called himself ‘Rose Selavy’. When he came to America, Vogue magazine did an article about him, and exposed him to celebrity status – American Style – where he lay his famous signature on his fans and other items in order to generate more fame – and money! This inspired Duchamp to render a check to pay for his dental work. His dentist took this check as payment understanding it would be famous one day and worth more the the cost of his work.

When Christine Roosamoon died, she left behind thousands of unsigned lithographs. Stacey Pierrot petitioned the probate court for an Estate Seal in order to apply the ROSAMOND signature from the Land of the Dead. This Seal of the Dead was a metal object that was applied to a the lower right hand corner of these prints, and the paper was raised up in a intaglio manner to make an embossed signature that can be read by the blind. This made Pierrot an Art Check Writer, who loves her bank! How can she blame Mr. Sara Moon for his attachements, his, blood-sucking?

Duchamp was a friend of Denis De Rougemont ‘The Prince of European Culture’ and co-founder of the European Union, that is rewriting its Constitution in order to keep the European Economy from collapsing. Rougemont may be our kinsfolk.

Sane folk understand the Banks of the World committed massive fraud on the people, while stupid Republican want to believe the Poor Parasitical People are to blame. This is because they are into Stupid Voo-Doo Economics, where we find Mr. Lucky Jesus handing out autographs like crazy to his – Chosen Ones!

Vogue refused to put Duchamp’s painting they commissioned on the cover of their magazine. Did in of Rena’s siters appear in Vogue? How about Steven Silverstein’s images? Did Duchamp understand fashion models were all the vogue, and thus he became one?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

Pynchon on “Under the Rose”

In reference to “Under the Rose” in his Slow Learner introduction, Pynchon details three major ideas related, but not restricted, to writing. First, he deals with the notion of ignorance. [“Ignorance is not just a blank space on a person’s mental map. It has contours and coherence, and for all I know rules of operation as well”(p. 15).] Pynchon pilfered Baedeker’s guide to Egypt for material for “Under the Rose,” and in this admission addresses plagarism, the need to corroborate one’s data, and the importance about writing of what one knows while realizing what one does not know. He then notes that a “shadowy” sense of history led to the question underlying the story: “is history personal or statistical?”(p. 18). Finally, Pynchon suggests the influence of his understanding of Surrealism at the time he wrote “Under the Rose” upon the work. He criticizes his lack of management of the diverse elements combined within the frame of “Under the Rose.”


Things “under the rose,” or sub rosa, are prevalent in Pynchon. These terms are used in V., The Crying of Lot 49 and Gravity’s Rainbow. Espionage is the most obvious system of secrecy in this short story. A variety of elements or systems may be recognized as sub-versions of the rose. Victoria Wren’s sexual aura (bud or bloom?) is paralleled to the Yorkshire sunset which reminds Porpentine of Home–but it is under the Egyptian sun that the English Porpentine feels exposed to the “danger” of becoming Eastern. Her sexuality is also linked to religious love, under which Porpentine’s sense of morality tends towards a general regard for humanity as opposed to an identification with individuals. Porpentine notes that his own generation “has budded, bloomed, and, sensing some blight in the air, folded its petals up again like certain flowers at sunset”(p. 114). Pynchon uses vocabulary of location such as the “rue de Rosette,” the “Rosetta arm” of the Nile and the “Quartier Rosetti.” Spying, sexuality, issues of Imperialism and the subaltern, systems of faith and morality (in particular, related to a Christian model), time and spatial orientation are all themes which Pynchon develops in his later works. In many ways, “Under the Rose” may be read as a type of allegory in which Porpentine the protagonist tries to protect himself from decadence as he struggles to understand the system under which he is living.

Duchamp gave a “loose” translation of L.H.O.O.Q. as “there is fire
down below” in a late interview (Schwarz 203). Steefel points out
that, when spoken in English, L.H.O.O.Q. sounds like “LOOK” “

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