Writing A Recovery Book

What would have been ideal, is that Vicki nominates me executor of our sister’s estate. I write Rosamond’s biography and movie script. I manage the gallery, and generate monies and a new interest in my late sister’s work, because I was her teacher…..and I owned real sobriety. Christine drowned on her first sober birthday. This is why Pierrot has her third ghost writer tell the horrific lie that our mother only wanted me to be a famous artist, but, Christine showed her mother, the world – and her brother! Take that! To have me be the SANE CHOICE would negate that Great Female Victory.

Rosamond Press

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At my sister’s house after the funeral, my niece, Shannon Rosamond, came downstairs with a armful of her mother’s papers demanding to know who had rifled thru them. I approached her and offered her my seven year sobriety coin I had received at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

“Shannon. This is all you need. You have inherited your mother’s disease. Get sober, and everything will be yours.”

Shannon mumbled, saying something about her already being sober. Now Vicki Presco spoke up.

“I would like that coin. I got six years of sobriety!”

With a year of sobriety I took my surviving sister to a AA meeting, and she has not had a drink, hence. However, she never went to another AA meeting. I gave he my coin in hope this would set a sane and sober direction for our family. At the Rosamond gallery three women from Christine’s AA group approached me and…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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