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scan0020A new book has come out on Scientology. It supports a theory I own that my daughter and her mother came to find me via an interest in my famous sister. I suspect Patrice Hanson was discussing Christine Rosamond at the bed and breakfast run by a family heavily into the mythos of Hubbard. A cook overheard the conversation and said she read somewhere that Rosamond was dead. This led to a search of the internet. Eureka!

In a letter Patrice sent to the head of the Scientology Mission of Santa Rosa, she gives credit to the workings of the “Theta Universe” I am but a pawn in this Science Fiction game. At sixteen my impressionable daughter thinks her career is taking off, she on her way to Stardom after she appears in Tom Snyder’s biography that I oppose. This caused my daughter to judge her father, see if he…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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