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This morning I talked with Sean at Channel Islands State University, about donating the letters, photographs, and books pertaining to my grandfather, Royal Rosamond. He was extremely interested, and is going to have the President call me back today. I sent her the home movie of my mother made by a member of the Lewis family who once owned the land this hospital is built on. I also said I would donate three of Rosamond’s lithographs. We talked about me teaching a course at this place of higher learning where Rosemary Rosamond told her four children she had a scholarship to.  On one of her outings with the Lewis brothers, they stopped in at the newly build asylum, and after talking to the head doctor, he suggest Rosemary check in for treatment. I think they needed a Star Patient, a local who would give the message to Camarillo Pioneers, that being insane, and treated in a spanking new hospital, is like eating a peach cobbler pie. My mother turned down her scholarship – and flew away! She rode like the wind!

Rosemary 1939 & __ on Horseback Rosemary 1939 on Horseback 1

Alas I own the Alpha and Omega of my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’. I see myself lecturing young people on the importance of discovering our roots, for, who knows what treasures lie there. The Santa Cruz cottages were especially built for students, and look like they are out of Tolkien. There is a Utopian look to them. Here is Pacifica, our Atlantis, rising. Alas, my family will get the respect we deserve!

“All’s well, that ends well!”

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press,_Channel_Islands

The campus is located about two miles (3 km) south of the city of Camarillo, at the base of Long Grade Canyon.[15] The school is set on rich agricultural land at the edge of the Oxnard Plain and nestled into the base of the Santa Monica Mountains. The flat site is bordered by farms and marked by a lone peak called Round Mountain.[16] The state hospital was built in a remote area so roads were improved to provide for the campus traffic.[17] The university developed a bus transit network to serve the campus with VISTA buses providing access to Gold Coast Transit in Oxnard and the Camarillo train station. Gaining official possession of the land in 1998 and then occupancy in 1999, California State University began classes on the 634-acre (257 ha) existing campus-style facility, primarily one to two-story buildings organized around three primary quads. In 2007, the campus acquired an additional 153 acres (62 ha). Many of the buildings are in the Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival architectural styles, although there are a few “modern” buildings. The campus is split into two primary sections: North Quad and South Quad. In 2012, del Norte and Madera Halls were opened in the North Quad; some of the buildings in the North Quad are still uninhabited and unsafe due to age.

There are two villages that make up student housing. They are both named after two of the Channel Islands: Santa Cruz and Anacapa Islands.

Opened in the Fall of 2007, Santa Cruz village is home to freshmen students and those students that have less than thirty units completed. Most suites are two bedroom, housing six students with three in each bedroom. Most single occupancy rooms are reserved for the Resident Assistants or “RAs,” which are students employed by Housing and Residential Education. Santa Cruz has various amenities including a game room, a fitness room, a dance studio, television rooms, and study rooms. Santa Cruz village at capacity is home to 460 residents. Anacapa Village houses transfer students and sophomore level students. Each dorm has a small kitchen and living area, two bathrooms, and four bedrooms housing six roommates in a two-double, two-single format.

The Scary Dairy is an old dairy farm adjacent to the former Camarillo State Mental Hospital, now California State University, Channel Islands.[1] It was run and maintained by the staff and patients of the hospital as a form of work experience and additional income for the hospital. In the 1960s the dairy was closed and the buildings fell into disarray and have since been heavily vandalized.

The land is now a part of the California State University, Channel Islands. The public is welcome to explore by foot during the day. University police officers patrol the area frequently and are on the lookout for large groups of youth, vandals and firearms of any kind (including paintball guns) and any other suspicious activity.[2] The field adjacent to the dairy has been used for sheriff exercises and training. The trails around the dairy are used by hikers, runners and photographers.


In 1932, the State of California purchased 1,760 acres of the Lewis Ranch and built the Camarillo State Mental Hospital, which operated from 1936 to 1997 and at one point treated as many as 7,000 patients in the mid 1950s.

Located on the parcel was a dairy farm that produced crops and housed livestock that fed the hospital community. The farm was disbanded in the 1960s and has been left in a state of disrepair, falling prey over the decades to vandals and coined “Scary Dairy.”

California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI, CSU Channel Islands, known informally as CI) is a four-year public comprehensive university located outside Camarillo, California in Ventura County. CI opened in 2002, as the 23rd campus in the California State University system, succeeding the Ventura County branch campus of CSU Northridge. The campus had formerly been the Camarillo State Mental Hospital. It has been and continues to be the setting for numerous television, film, and music video productions. CI is located midway between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles in Camarillo, at the intersection of the Oxnard Plain and northern most edge of the Santa Monica Mountain range. The Channel Islands are nearby where the university operates a scientific research station on Santa Rosa Island.[6][7]

Channel Islands offers 53 types of Bachelor’s degrees, 3 different Master’s degrees, and 6 teaching credentials.[8][9] It does not confer Doctoral degrees. In the Fall of 2012, the university enrolled the largest amount of students in its 10-year history with 4,920 students including undergraduate and postgraduate. Since its establishment, the university has awarded nearly 7,000 degrees.[10] In Fall of 2013, the university had 349 faculty, of which 93 (or 27 percent) were on the tenure track.[

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